This plugin detects when a player has joined using their multiplayer list. This can be used to see if a player likes your server enough to add it to their "favorites" allowing you(Server owner/administrator) to give them rewards.

How to use:

  1. Download and add MPListJoin.jar to your <serverRoot>/plugins folder
  2. Run the server
  3. Edit the config and restart your server *
  4. Edit Permissions *
  5. Use /mplistjoin <playerName> to see who joined with the server added to their multiplayer list
  • Optional steps.


This only has one command which requires one argument. /mplistjoin <playerName>

This command will tell you if the server joined by clicking the server from their Multiplayer list


mplistjoin.commandOPCommand Permission Node
mplistjoin.telljoinnoneTell players with this node when a player joins from their multiplayer list


Link to page

Plugin Developers

This plugin has an API for plugin developers to use! This is good for servers wanting to give out custom rewards or to keep track of where your players are coming from.

Link to Forum Page


Github can be found here!

This plugin may have False Negatives! Players may sometimes open their multiplayer list and sit AFK for an hour then join your server. This isn't a 100% fixable problem, or a major one depending on how you use this plugin. Changing IPHoldLength in the config could help fix the problem, but you cant stop someone from AFKing in the multiplayer list...

This plugin was mostly an idea concept and is considered as "Mature". This plugin should not break between updates and doesn't need many new things added. If you have any ideas/suggestions, feel free to suggest them. If you have a plugin that uses this, feel free to let me know and I can list it in the plugin's description!

Keep in mind, this plugin only collects data, any data collected is NOT stored.


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