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MoxieSkills is a skills plugin like none you've ever seen before. Having had three previous recodes, the current version is as fast and efficient as you will ever see. Train yourself in a range of fifteen unique skills to beat your friends. With hiscores, good interfacing and challenging levelling, you'll never be bored.

What Does MoxieSkills Do?

  • Competitive levelling formula
  • Vast range of skills
  • Skill leaderboards
  • Skill and XP dynamics similar to that seen of online MMOs
  • Multipliers for individual players and their skills
  • MySQL Database support
  • Each skills is highly configurable - each has it's own file!

    This plugin uses an email API to automatically report errors. I do not receive passwords (this would break Bukkit rules). If you want to keep your email anonymous, use Yahoo! email, otherwise use GMail (only Yahoo! and GMail are supported). There is also an option to send your server IP to improve communications. This plugin also uses an auto-updater and MCStats.


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