Movecraft V 4.0


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    Jun 17, 2015
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8.1


Major rewrite of how the core map updater functions. It now sends updates in batches, resulting in a major reduction in server lag. In short, large laggy ships slow themselves down instead of the whole server.
Turning now costs fuel
Going down 1 block at a time no longer costs fuel
It will not burn an entire stack of fuel at once anymore if the last piece of fuel from a difference stack is burned
You can more easily walk around a moving airship (but it is far from perfect, use at your own risk)
Logging out or crashing your client while cruising will no longer destroy your ship

Towny integration, worldguard custom flags integration (Thanks mwkaicz!). You may use the following new config.yml options to control this:
WGCustomFlagsUsePilotFlag: false
WGCustomFlagsUseMoveFlag: false
WGCustomFlagsUseRotateFlag: false
WGCustomFlagsUseSinkFlag: false
TownyBlockMoveOnSwitchPerm: false
TownyBlockSinkOnNoPVP: false
    worldMin: -1
    worldMax: -1
    aboveTownSpawn: 96
    underTownSpawn: 255