Movecraft V 3.1.X62 for 1.8


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    Jan 4, 2015
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8


Here is a list of the new features:
Cannon Tracers - TracerRateTicks in config.yml higher number = more space between tracers

FireballLifespan in config.yml - Time in seconds before fireballs launched from dispensers delete themselves

HalfSpeedUnderwater: true in .craft files - If true, then the craft moves at half speed underwater. Affects all forms of movement.

VertCruiseSkipblocks in .craft files - like cruiseSkipBlocks, but only for vertical movement (via ascend and descend signs)

MaxHeightAboveGround in .craft files - if a .craft is more than this above the ground, it will descend as it moves

New permission: movecraft.commands Allows access to /cruise, /pilot, and /release commands. Does not affect /manoverboard or /cruiseoff. Also allows the right to place cruise signs.

Also, explosions will no longer cause water spillage. And I have taken another stab at fixing the "overallsinkpercent" system to prevent crafts spontaneously sinking. If anyone has continued problems please let me know.