Bored of having one MOTD in your server? Then here is the right plugin for you!


  • Bugs - This will have the bug list.

What does this plugin do?

This plugin allows you to add more than one MOTD. It also supports color codes too! For example, in the config file, you can put as many MOTDs as you want. Then one of the MOTDs you added will be showed every ping.

How to install?

The installation is really easy. Just drop the .jar file in your "plugins" folder and start your server. The plugin will generate a folder called "MOTDModifier", there you can find your config.yml file.


There aren't any commands at the moment. I may add some soon. See the to-do list for more info.

To-Do List

  • Add the command /motdmodifier reload.
  • Add the command /motdmodifier add <motd>.
  • Add the command /motdmodifier about.

How to configure?

It's really easy. You can use an editor like Notepad Plus or something like that. Open the config.yml file with your editor. There you will find 4 examples. You can change those.

Color Codes

If you don't know the color codes, you can visit this link You will find all the color codes in that page.

More Information about the plugin

The plugin is still in beta and it may have some bugs. If you find some bugs, please leave a comment in the "Bugs" page and I will do my best to fix it :)


This plugin is made for 1.7


The demo link is coming soon.

Who coded this plugin?

This plugin is coded by EdwardBailie


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