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  • _ForgeUser9595230 created this issue Dec 31, 2013

    What is the enhancement in mind? How should it look and feel?
    I like how you have %player to show player amount but what if you added things such as %latestplayer and %currentplayer
    For latestplayer it could show the last player to login to the server for currentplayer it will be the player that is viewing the server.

    Also, I had set a motd using the and I would like to be able to have that as one of the random motd's shown so there could be another variable that it %default and it just shows what is in the

    For the On/Off Capability it will be more for mini game servers or servers that have mini games. For instance a server is mostly survival but they decide to have a hunger games event every Saturday. So then every Saturday they have to type "/mm add &6HG &9Event at 2 o'clock!" then when it's finished "/mm remove id" but with the on/off capability they only have to type /mm on id or /mm off id that way they have less to type and say a server owner (OP) puts the messeges but doesn't want their staff making / deleting messages but the owner still wants the staff to be in charge of making sure the motd tells players they are having an event or waiting for players. So a permission could be permissionnode.toggleshow and child permissions could be permissionnode.toggleon permissionnode.toggleoff

    For the toggle on/off it would also be cool if you had it on a timer. For instance a server might be run from a home computer and everyday at 9 o'clock the owner shuts off the server. If you set a toggle on the timer you could do something like this /mm add Server will shut down for the night in 10min! Then /mm timetoggleon id 8:50PM and I guess /mm timetoggleoff id 8:59PM

    This could add other variables as well such as %timemin %timesec %timehour

    So the above example could instead be /mm add Server will shut down for the night in (10-%timemin)

    In parentheses is an equation. %timemin is time since motd started/was toggled on. I guess you could mess with variables more so you could do instead %timeminS = time in minutes since motd was started %timeminP = time since P has been looking at motd and etc.

    This all seems a bit complicated... But it would be interesting to have added!

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