MotdManager Reloaded

MotdManager Reloaded

Version 1.44


  • Random Motd!
  • Permissions Support!
  • Colors and Formatting Support!
  • Easy Commands to use!
  • Can show fake max server players count!
  • Auto Updater
  • Plugin Metrics

Planned Features:

  • New String %playername example: &b&lWelcome!, %playername to &b&lWelcome!, ThunderGemios10!
  • Support for BungeeCord.


  • motdmanager.add - Gives the Player Permission to use /motd add
  • motdmanager.remove - Gives the Player Permission to use /motd remove
  • motdmanager.maxplayer - Gives the Player to use /motd maxplayer
  • motdmanager.list - Gives the Player Permission to use /motd list
  • motdmanager.reload - Gives the Player to use /motd reload


  • Shortcuts cmds: /motd
  • /motdmanager - Displays Help and Commands.
  • /motdmanager add - Adds a New Motd (Supports Colors and Formats)
  • /motdmanager list - Displays List of Motds.
  • /motdmanager maxplayer - Disables or Enables and Setting the Fake MaxPlayers

HowTO Install:

  • 1. Download the jar
  • 2. Place the jar in the plugins folder.
  • 3. Restart/Reload the Server and Your Good to GO!

What's replace strings?:

It's constant strings for set dynamically changes value. StringDescriptionExampleUsage %vers Server minecraft version 1.4.2 [%vers] Welcome to our server! %players Online players count 19 Currently Online: %players ====

Bugs and Feature Requests:

  • You can submit Bugs and Features at the GitHub's issue system.

Useful Links:


McStats Page:

This plugin was originally developed for Bukkit by syamn.


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