The number one MOTD editor and manager! Everything you would ever need!


  • Have several MOTDs. The user will see a random one when when they ping the server.
  • Commands to easily add, remove, and see the MOTDs
  • Create several MOTD lists, and switch between them with a single command!
  • Edit the displayed players online, and max players.
  • Custom protocol/alert messages, such as in the example image.
  • Custom variables in your MOTD, players online, max players, and protocol messages! player, online, and max are provided by default. Also includes color codes.
  • API for other plugins to easily add their own variables!
  • Perform math operations in your MOTDs, players online, max players, and protocol messages!


  • Install ProtocolLib
  • Download the latest
  • Extract the folder, and open it up. There should be 2 .jar files in it. MotdPlus.jar, and MotdPlusBasics.jar.
  • MotdPlus.jar provides the basic interface, and MotdPlusBasics provides the variables, "player", "max", and "online".
  • Drag both .jar files into your plugins folder, and restart the server. If you get an error on first startup, restart the server one more time and it should be fixed.


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