Legacy Changelog

Here's the complete legacy change log of motd:

Version 1.1.1
FIXED: /vtime now displays the correct name of the world
FIXED: some Permissions related stuff in /motd

Version 1.1
REWROTE: Entire command, permission and config handling
ADDED: Permission's prefixes to <who>
ADDED: Modular command system
ADDED: Internal task management for vtime
IMPROVED: Multiworld support in vtime
FIXED: Some problems with names in /rtp and /vtime
CHANGED: Node motd.rtp.use is now split into
Important: request includes yes
Some minor changes I cannot remember (spelling...)

Version 1.0

ADDED: Permissions support
ADDED: /rules command
ADDED: changeable /who text
ADDED: /motd reload command
ADDED: /motd edit %property% %value% command
ADDED: config now migrates itself from 0.5.3 to 1.0
ADDED: build 733 compatibility
MOVED: Motd/motd.yml to motd/motd.yml
CHANGED: some minor changes in the config. They should be self-explaining
Please read the manual first if you have questions

Version 0.5.3

The plugin is compatible with 609 / 1.4 now
CHANGED: /who command and <who> now displays the calling player too, for consistency with <numplayers>
ADDED: <ae>, <ue> and <oe> for the umlaute ä, ü and ö
MOVED: The config is now located in plugins/Motd
CHANGED: Default motd to match the change in <who>

Version 0.5.2

ADDED: <numplayers> and <maxplayers> placeholders in MOTD
CHANGED: placeholders are now written in <brackets> for better readability
'%red' changes to '<red>' for example
CHANGED: %p is <playername> now
CHANGED: %w is <who> now
UPDATED: config to version 2

Version 0.5.1

ADDED: /motd command to bring up the motd again
ADDED: some kind of config file version management

Version 0.5

FIXED: Handling of offline players in /rtp
UPDATED: Internal teleport function for future versions of craftbukkit
ADDED: Use %n for a new line in the MOTD
IMPROVED: Internal color handling

Version 0.1b

ADDED: colors for the MOTD are now available. Please see the manual for further instructions on using them.

Version 0.1a

FIXED: /who no longer shows "nobody!" as other player
ADDED: motd.yml (will be created at first launch)
ADDED: Changeable MOTD (use %p for playername and %w for the player online list)
ADDED: use true or false in the motd.yml to enable or disable the different commands

Version 0.1



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