Download (1.12.1 ready): v1.3-alpha1


motd is a lightweight MOTD and basic command plugin for your minecraft server.
There are lots of 'basic commands' plugins around here, but most of them have lots of features you will never need - or they do not allow you to deactivate them easily. They often cause lag and make configuring your server a pain in the * because there is no documentation.

With motd I made a simple, yet powerful plugin for creating advanced, custom colored and formatted MOTDs, who lists and rules. If you do not have the time to always be around on your server, rtp and vtime can help you. Even if you decide to install permissions on your server, motd is ready for that change.


  • who
  • rtp [playername / yes]
  • vtime [dawn / day / evening / night]
  • ip
  • motd
  • rules

Permissions Nodes

  • motd.ip.use
  • motd.who.use
  • motd.rtp.yes
  • motd.rtp.request
  • motd.vtime.use
  • motd.rules.use
  • motd.motd.use
  • motd.edit
  • motd.reload
    note that motd.rtp.request includes motd.rtp.yes


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