Light weight, powerful, simple.

Refers to the words underneath your server's name in a players minecraft server list. It is shown to the left of the amount of players/max players on a specified server.



Find out more about the plugin on the following pages, github powered! (It'll help reduce stress and space on bukkit's servers too! :D). On a side note, just because I have a guide for installing the plugin, the method of installing it is the generic method for bukkit plugins.

Are you one of those people who changes their server MOTD frequently?

Are you sick and tired of being forced to reload or restart your entire server just to make a small little change? Are you sick and tired of complaints when you're forced to change your MOTD to verify your server with PlanetMinecraft's "Authentication System", just to advertise?

We at ShortCutMinecraft believe that minecraft's MOTD system should be less of a hassle and more of a benefit. Make your server stand out from the crowd, for it's great uptime and colorful MOTD!!!


  • Color code compatible - &a, &1, &2, ect...
  • Simple MOTD changing
    • From ingame!
    • From console!
    • From configuration file!
  • Easily check the current MOTD
  • Uses bukkits permission system
    • Means it's compatible with virtually all permission plugins
  • All commands prefixed with a "+"
    • Extremely compatible with other plugins! Won't over-ride your essentials /motd command!


Grants full access to use all of MOTDFlow's commands! We recommend that you only add this permission node to staff members
/+motdSee the basic "help" menu of all commands for MOTDFlow
/+motd set <MOTD>Change/Set your server's MOTD
/+motd reload-configTakes the current MOTD in MOTDFlow's configuration file
/+motd viewSee the current MOTD, easily! Shows two versions, one with colors and one without


You can receive help via the plugins ticket system, provided by bukkit! Please suggest any suggestions on this post, rather than contacting me directly, thanks! If you'd like to see an example of this plugin being used, check out my server:

The Plugin's version doesn't match up with bukkit's version! What do I do?!?!?!

Remain calm. This plugin is very simple, and the bukkit API that it uses is likely to never change/break - meaning you won't have to update it just because you're using a new version of bukkit... though you should check to see if there is a new version available, and always use the newest version! If there is no new version of the plugin, don't fret, it should still work fine! (Unless of course you're getting errors, in which case contact me ASAP)


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