The Most Wanted

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

This plugin allows you to have better access to your police or authorities to create multilevel search arrest warrants against players who must enter to prison!


  • Create and delete arrest warrants.
  • Notify to people about new warrants, deleted warrants or captured players.
  • Possibility to see criminal record of players.
  • Easy to add own translations.
  • Lightweight plugin.
  • Possibility to see the most wanted players in your server(Scoreboard).
  • Scoreboard time-based display.
  • Posibility to disable the scoreboard.
  • Posibility to see the id of a arrest warrant, writing /tmw history [player].
  • Posibility to delete not activated arrest warrants.
  • Posibility to notify about new plugin version release(In the server console).

Commands and Permissions

Command Function Permission
/tmw See the plugin usage in game. tmw
/tmw capture [player] [level] [reason] To set a new arrest warrant. tmw.capture
/tmw captured [player] To set the player like captured. tmw.captured
/tmw history [player] To see a player criminal record. tmw.history
/tmw pending To see pending warrant arrest. tmw.pending
/tmw remove [player] To remove an active arrest warrant against a player. tmw.remove
/tmw remove [id] To remove an arrest warrant with the id. tmw.remove
You can get access to all subcommands with the permission tmw.*



languageBy default commands are in English, but you can modify the language files, for example, to change the command "capture" for the command "arrest". All what you must to do is go to TheMostWanted/lang folder and change translations like you want to do it. Also you can create new language files easily, only make a copy of one of the files in TheMostWanted/lang and rename it for example to and finally you must to go to the file TheMostWanted/config.yml and change the default language with the same word before file extension, for example, if you called the file like you must to write turkish in config file.
wantedlevelsThe numbers of wanted leves that you want to use.
scoreboardTurn the scoreboard on or off, writing true or false
displayingtimeHow long the scoreboard will be displayed(seconds).
timerWrite the time that scoreboard will took to be displayed(seconds).
updatenotificationsNotify on plugin updates.


If you have some problem please go here to report

In a near future:

  • Autocomplete commands
  • When killing the wanted player, teleport to jail and reward the killer. Option to be captured by everyone or only cops.
  • Warrants into books/maps
  • Accepting suggestions.
You can see and use the source code of this plugin from Source code


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