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MossyCraft is a modification that has ambitions on changing the way Minecraft experience works today. That is rather than have a mix of various plugins that all compete with either RAM/CPU or in-game command experiences, Instead the focus of MossyCraft is to add a fa├žade layer ontop of Minecraft that completes features that I feel are missing. Combining both client modifications and server modifications via (Bukkit, ModLoader) the goal is to remove the need for /commands and signs in-game but instead create an immersive experiences that adds more layers / dynamic to the game in a more controlled and prescribed manner.

Some preliminary FAQ's.

How come you made this?

Having played on a few public servers, installed other mods found here I've reached a point where its both obvious that the game needs to improve but at a much more rapid pace. Given I have both design and programming skills, I decided to put together both a client and server super modification together which is built from the ground-up (One plugin to rule them all). The idea is to do-away with click signs and huge rooms of unnecessary "Read the rules" approach but instead put that back into the client itself, creating a more experience driven game-play. The ability to provide server admins a Agree/Disagree wizard for rules whilst at the same time provide an Commerce capability that is more intuitive to the end user via UI vs hacking blocks is the goal.

Sounds good, but can you pull it off?

I have been doing this for the past 15 years, the first game mod I worked on was 2D Texture design / Development for TeamFortress 2 and I've since worked on a variety of other mods that never went anywhere. I've also been a Product manager at Microsoft looking after .NET so i'm treating this as a commericial game only without making money! just lots of in-game hugs and nods of approval or disapproval is the currency of choice!.

I also write complex software (.NET and Java) for mining companies who do your mining in-game in real life, so I know a thing or two about mining ore - no I will not include a lithology function to help you figure out whats in your ground via test holes...although...

So this client mod is going to do a massive overhaul of the Minecraft UI?

No, its both a server and client coupled (two parts). You can access the server without client-mods but you will have to rely on commands to carry out a lot of day to day interactions. The client mod will modify certain aspects of the game but will only do so once you join a compatible server, that is the client mod has a boostrapper in-built which becomes self-aware only AFTER you join a compatible server. Should you want to go to other servers where none of the above is compatible, the mod will simply not activate itself (it will also keep a very low memory profile).

What other servermods are you going to include in your codebase?

At this point none. The authors of mods on here do an excellent job and please note I do not wish to take anything away from their work. I simply am more focused on creating an experience that derives from a central source that can control its own destiny, that is if Mojang release a new patch that makes breaking changes then my dependency on other authors is reduced given its now up to myself to come up with the release pronto.

Are you adding new blocks/entities to the game?

Yes. More on specifics as they are developed but initially I'm looking to add both new blocks, mobs and tools/weaponary to the game (ie Shields). The idea is again to complete the game experience to be more of what I personally would play and hope others would enjoy playing but also fix a lot of issues in-game that are clearly "to be continued" by Mojang (ie Gold? it is fairly usless resource right now but going forward I have ideas here).

What are some of the highlight features

More to come in another update. Suffice to say i'm about 20% complete in both the Server/Client modifications at the time of writing that is I have new improved inventory/backpack management in place along with customized enchantment modifications (additions) to help smooth out some in-game mob / mining experience(s).

eg: Inventory Management Changes. Inventory Manager for MossyCraft

How do Mojang feel about all of this?

Haven't asked. I'm hopeful one day that a series of modifications found within this forum to eventually get promoted into the main game, but for me the fun about this game is both playing it and making additions/fixes to it via code/design. I see Minecraft as both a fantastic gaming engine to play with and also an awesome game even in its vanilla state. It has huge potential and I'm not sure why Mojang aren't investing more into it vs creating other games?


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