Morph 2.0


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    Jan 4, 2017
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.11


+ Added /delmorph all <player> - Deletes all of <player>'s morphs
+ Fixed a death bug
+ Creepers now do block damage
+ Snowmen/Endermen now take damage from the rain
+ Zombies/skeletons/etc now take damage from the sun, unless it is raining or they are in the shade
+ Fixed blazes not getting damaged in water
+ Players now get unmorphed when you reload the server
+ Added a permission node "" that stops users with the node from having their fly disabled
+ Added giant - Throws blocks as he walks and can throw players
+ Added enderdragon - Throws fireballs
+ Both giant and enderdragon can be disabled
+ Change ability action to right click
+ Added Evoker - Ability uses evoker traps
+ Added Vexes
+ Chicken can now use their ability to drop eggs (omg!1 yisss)
+ Creepers can now use their ability to explode
+ Slimes now have jump boost and when they die they split into 3
+ Change particle/sound effects
+ Added ability to hold shift and you emit your mobs sound

+ Added config option for the radius used in /morph near