Short Tutorial

Here I'll be creating a sword via ingame commands for you that you can use:

I'll start with creating it:

/mi create sword

then I'll set it's name:

/mi name sword &cGod Sword

Now I'll set it's material:

/mi material sword diamond_sword

Now I want it to do lots of damage:

/mi damage sword 10 20

This is in half hearts meaning the sword will deal anywhere from 5 to 10 hearts.

Now let's remove the +x damage since it doesn't really apply here:

/mi additemflag sword hide_attributes

Now let's add some cool lore:

/mi lore sword 1 &bForged by the gods

Now let's give it some durability:

/mi durability sword 500 or we could make it have a range of 10 blocks:

/mi addattribute sword range 10

For lolz let's add speed when holding it:

/mi addpower sword hold potioneffect speed 200 2

That will give it speed 3 when holding it.

If I wanted a recipe to this cool sword I would get all the ingredients needed and issue the command:

/mi recipe sword

This will bring up a small chest inventory where you can place your crafting in the left hand side!

Adding Enchantments

On this website all enchantments can be found. A couple examples of enchantment names and their in-game name:

  • fire_protection
  • feather_fall
  • haste
  • silk_touch
  • fire_aspect
  • etc.


  • hide_attributes - hides the +x damage
  • hide_destroys - hides the destroy tag
  • hide_enchants - hides all enchantments
  • hide_place_on - hides the placed on tag
  • hide_potion_effects - hides potion effects on a potion for example.
  • hide_unbreakable - hides the unbreakable tag


Click here to see a list of all materials. You can also use the ID of an item. Examples of some materials:

  • Diamond_Sword
  • Stone
  • Nether_brick
  • Ink_sack:4
  • Etc.

Potion Effects

Click here to see a list of all possible potion effects.


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