Powers, EventTypes & Attributes


Some places it says duration in ticks. Ticks can be converted to: 20 ticks = 1 second

To add a power simply do /mi addpower <Item Identifier> <EventType> <Power> <Args> Powers are:

  • Command <OPTIONAL: Cooldown> <Command with NO slash (/)> - Gives the player OP to fire a command and then removes it again. Typing %player% will get the player name and %target% will get the target name.
  • Fire <Duration in ticks> <OPTIONAL: cooldown> - Sets the target on fire for x amount of ticks.
  • Fireball <Velocity (1-2 is average)> <Small/Big> <OPTIONAL: cooldown> - Fires either a small or big fireball with x velocity.
  • Lightning <OPTIONAL: Cooldown> - Strikes lightning at the target.
  • Teleport <Range in blocks> <OPTIONAL: Cooldown> - Teleports the player x amount of blocks forward.
  • Throw <Velocity> <Damage> <OPTIONAL: Cooldown> - Throw an item with x amount of velocity! 6 is about average of throwing velocity
  • Consume <Material> <Amount> - Will consume a x amount of materials from the player!
  • Knockback <Velocity> <OPTIONAL: Cooldown> - Will knock the player away!
  • TNT <Velocity> <OPTIONAL: Cooldown> - Fire tnt!
  • DurabilityCost <Amount> - Make an item cost durability!
  • PotionSelf <PotionEffectType> <Duration in ticks> <Amplifier> <OPTIONAL: Cooldown> - Give a potion effect to yourself!
  • PotionTarget <PotionEffectType> <Duration in ticks> <Amplifier> <OPTIONAL: Cooldown> - Give a potion effect to the target!
  • Heal <Heal amount> <OPTIONAL: Cooldown> - Heal the player.
  • Sound <sound> - Play a sound! Sounds can be found Here
  • Message <text> - Write a custom message to the player!
  • Wither <Velocity> - Shoot a wither head!
  • Snowball <Velocity> - Shoot a snowball!
  • Effect <Amount> - Play some cool particle effects!


  • Left - when left clicking an item (or when wearing the armor and left clicking)
  • Right - Fires when right clicking an item (or when wearing the armor and right clicking)
  • Hold - At each interval ticks (set in the config with timerInterval) it will add the effect if the player is holding the item or has it equipped. This means that potion effects WILL be refreshed. It also makes it so that any other effects will get spammed when holding or having an item equipped.
  • Damage - Fires when dealing damage to an opponent (arrows and swords).
  • Damaged - Fires when dealt damage to by an opponent.
  • Sneak - Fires when toggling sneak (shifting and unshifting)
  • BlockBreak - Fires when breaking a block.
  • Killed - Fires when the player is killed and has the item in their inventory.
  • ArrowLand - Fires when an arrow lands on either a block or an entity.
  • Consume - Fires when the player consumes an item (drinking, eating)


To add an attribute simply do /mi addattribute <Item Identifier> <Attribute> <Args>

Attributes are:

  • Range <Blocks> - Set the attack range of an item.
  • Speed <Speed> - Set the attack speed of an item. 20 is the default speed. 0 is the fastest. This is counted in ticks meaning 20 ticks = 1 second.
  • Backstab - Give the item the ability to backstab.
  • Dodge <Chance> - Give the item the ability to dodge when holding/equipped
  • Soulbound <Player> - Make the item soulbound to the specific player.


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