MoreItems v1.0


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    Oct 3, 2015
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8.1


First Release v1.0 for Bukkit/Spigot 1.7.x - 1.8.x

First official release and it's a big one.


- Made removeitem command remove the item for all online players.

- Added a manage command to easily manage the powers and miscellaneous' on an item! Use /mi manage <Item Identifier> to bring up the GUI!

- Added gui to add ItemFlags. Just do /mi additemflag <Item Identifier> to get the GUI up!

- Added gui to add enchants. Just do /mi enchants <Item Identifier>. All enchants will have level 1.

- Added gui to give items. Just do /mi give to bring it up!

- Fixed tnt swapping between cooldown and velocity

- Fixed powers being run twice or more after adding them once again

- Added message power. Use it to display a custom message to the player!

- Added sound power. Use it to produce a sound to the player!

- Made consume power able to consume the item in hand. Just add it without any arguements (mi addpower <Identifier> <EventType> consume)

- Give command can now give more than just one at a time. The new command is /mi give <Identifier> <OPTIONAL: player> <OPTIONAL: amount>. example: /mi give testItem 20 or /mi give testItem khave 20

- Added furnace recipes. Just do /mi recipe <Identifier> <Shaped/Furnace> to add one.

- Removed "Item could not be cast to MoreItems item" message from appearing.

- Made crafting recipes support data.

- Fixed bug where items with more stacks in the inventory would change amount.

- Fixed bug where all items would update even their durability if someone changed them.

- Fixed items being reset to 1 if updating them.

- Fixed damage on bow not dealing damage

- Added formatting support for text in lore. You can now use &k, &r, &l etc.

- Added a delline command to delete a line from the lore! Just do /mi delline <Item Identifier> <Line>