MoreItems v0.7


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    Sep 13, 2015
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8.1


Seveth Beta v0.7


- Fixed throw bug where damage was the same as cooldown

- Fixed lore not supporting some color codes

- Added durability to items! You can now have more durability on items!

- Added material data. You can now write ink_sack:data to get colored dye, wool:data to get colored wool, etc.

- Fixed error in console when closing some inventories

- Added durability cost power!

- Added immune miscellaneous!

- Added ReloadItems command! Do /mi reloaditems <OPTIONAL: Name Identifier> to reload a specific item for all player or just all items! or do /mi reloaditems <Name Identifier> <Player> to reload a specific item for a specific player! Use this to repair items to full.

- RPGInventory support added. Check out the awesome plugin!

- MythicMobs support added. Do /mi addmythicdrops <Name Identifier> <Mythic Mob Name> <Chance> to add a drop for a mythic mob and /mi removemythicdrops <Name Identifier> <Mythic Mob Name> to remove them.