More Difficulties

More Difficulties (Waiting for CraftBukkit law issues)

An Hunger Games like, but more hard Ultra Hard Core / Kill The Patrick

Work from 1.7.2 to 1.7.9!
Thanks for the 1500 downloads


This is a Ultra Hard Core / Kill The Patrick plugin! You don't have to setup anything, just launch, and play! You can create teams easily by left clicking with the ghast tear, or just join a team. Then you just have to wait other player, or start with /md start, the game also start after 5 minutes! Then you are teleported randomly in the map, you will spawn near your team members, you can setup the size of the map in plugins/MoreDifficulties/config.yml - And now you have to survive, but your life do not regen naturaly! To regenerate your health, you have to eat a golden apple or use healing potion, regeneration potion cannot be make because of the ghast drop gold ingot and not ghast tears, so ya, you can go to the nether, and also found Diamonds, so I advise to add a no-cheat plugin for xRay. When A player death, the spawning wither sound is played, and he is banned for this game, but when server restart, he can get back in game. Player can also choose a kit before the game start, more kits coming soon.. You can craft a compass with modified recipe that use one Rotten Flesh when right click and show the nearest player direction, even if he is on your team, for help player who don't have team.


You can check list here :
see the kits

Modified craft

The compass recipe have been modified for reward peaple who fight monsters!

How to use

It is realy simple to use, put the plugin in folder plugin and remove the world and nether, make a same if you want if tou don't do it, wall and will be created in your world, launch craftbukkit and if you want to custom config do it and regenerate a new world, after right click on ghast tears for create or join a team, if everybody are ready just do /md start or wait the 5 miutes are finished. The game is started, when a team win or they have nobody in the server, the server stop so you can delete the map and relaunch the server.


I advise you to have a script that relaunch and delete world after server close,
check the script here : script


episodeLength: The time in minutes that you want to know it's the end of episode, for make videos
compass: true/false (the compass show nearest player or not, using 1 Roten Flesh)
wather: true/false (if false it will be ethernal sun, else normal weather)
    size: the size of the map, if 2000 that will be -1000 to 1000 in x and z
    block: block id used for the wall, not implemented yet
    size: the size of the lure, if 100 chests will spawn betwen -50 to 50 in x and z
    enable: true/false (spawn chest every episodes)
    show-position: true/false (show position in the chat when chest spawn)
    do: true/false (as doDaylight cycle)
    time: time whan game starting, locked at this time if false at do
allow-reconnect: true/false (allow peaple to connect when game is started, if false, they will be spectator, in creatif but can do nothing espect see player and tp to then with watch)
    kick: true/false (kick player when he is death
    time: time in second before the player is kicked, for say gg,...
allow-kits: true/false allow/disallow kits
max-player-per-team: number max of players allowed in a team
allow-teams: true/false allow/disallow teams
minutes-before-start: time in minutes before the game start


/md start: start the game
/md shift: shift episode
/md team: create or select a team, can be do with ghast tears
/md addspawn: add curent position as spawnpoint, also spawnpoint are created randomly now, so useless
/md generatewalls: generate the walls, but do at start, just you resize the map, and reload plugin, but must be lower than previously
/md newteam name color showedName: create a team without use ghast tears menu
/md playertoteam teamName: for add a player in a team
/md teams: for see the teams


md.*: Gives access to all More Difficulties commands
md.start: Allows you to force start the game
md.shift: description: Allows you to shift episode description: Allows you to create/join teams without ghast tears
md.moveplayer: description: Allows you to change player team
md.showteams: description: Allows you to see all teams
md.addspawn: description: Allows you to add spawn
md.generatewall: description: Allows you to regenerate the wall
md.kit.*: Allow you to use all kits allow you to use kit "name"


Please, report bugs in the tickets tab

Comming soon

- new kits with special power, you can send me idea
- Test server
- lure every end of episode
- stats


If it's buggy or anything else, please make a ticket
Also I'm French so sorry for my English, if they are mistake, say me I will change it ;)

Ultra Hard Core / Kill The Patrick Video

They have 6 season of Kill the Patrick so I put a link, of season 3,
Player are French but they have an English team:
Kill the Patrick SE3E01 Nocxx
And also if someone can make a preview, that could be cool
also they have the famous server MindCrack UHC

Want to be partner

You have created a server with this plugin?
You want custom this plugin, with creator help?
You want your server visible in this page?
Just send me a message to become partner!


We don't want donate because you have nothing when donate
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