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  • _ForgeUser4439668 created this issue Jan 30, 2012

    What is the enhancement in mind? How should it look and feel?

    I would like there to be a prize pool and from that pool it randomly generates the rewards.

    What I was thinking as a solution is to combine the ability to use this against the scoring system where a higher score will give even higher random rewards.

    To do this each reward option would be given a couple variables:

         value: (numeric value)
         multiples: (yes or no)


         value: 100
         multiples: no

    If currency is enabled the entry could look like this:

         value: 1
         multiples: yes

    this way the reward value of currency could be 2 so that you only get 1 currency for every 1 point earned.

    let's say this is held in a separate file called rewards.yml

    Then inside the config you make it so that the rewards are based on the rewards.yml

    first config option type. (rewards NOT based on score)

    RewardParamtersPlace1: 250

    From this entry 1st place would get a value of 250 randomly generated from the rewards.yml file

    second config option type. (rewards based on score)

    RewardParametersPlace1: score

    This entry would make it so that if 1st place had 450 points they would get a reward totalling the value of 450 from the rewards.yml file, but if they only scored 20 points then they only get what they scored.

    I also considered suggesting the following varliables for the rewards.yml file in addition to the mins listed above:

    priority: the higher the priority the more likely you are to get that item

    guaranteed: yes or no (the idea being that you could set an item that is always going to be rewarded regardless of score based win. These items would always be given and it would NOT count against the reward cost.  Example: you put diamond at -1 (making it unable to be won by it's value).  Then you set guaranteed to yes.  That would mean that they get the item in addition to their reward.
    guaranteed_amount: this goes with guaranteed and is the quantity given

    Guaranteed prizes could also be configured seprately.  here is an example of that idea:

         item: (item name or #)
         quanity: (numeric value)

    This alternative configuration would be easier to deploy and allow for servers to have the same items twice.  Also, could use the current format for prizes so that instead of the suggested lines it would just be 1 line.  However, this would be saved in the rewards.yml not the config.yml because I am assuming you will recode that line to look for a number for a prize value or something like "score" or -1 to give the scoring based rewards.

    min: the minimum number to give (only applying when the person could get the min per the rewards.  For example if it says min 5 and the person didn't score enough to get 5 then they get none)

    max: the max number to give (similar to min.  Example: if the min was 10 and the score was enough to get 20 they still only get 10)

    Please provide any additional information below.

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  • _ForgeUser6874107 posted a comment Jan 30, 2012

    So, there rewards would be awarded if player exceeds specified number of kills?

  • _ForgeUser4439668 posted a comment Jan 31, 2012

    <<reply 518045>>

    By default right now there are 2 ways to do rewards.  static and dynamically based on score.

    I wouldn't say number of kills is a factor because you could kill 100 guys buy die after every kill and have a negative score.

    This suggestion is simply expanding on the current static and dynamic system but making the rewards randomly generated from a rewards table that is configured by the server admin.

    Edited Jan 31, 2012
  • _ForgeUser6874107 posted a comment Feb 21, 2012

    I'm planning to completely rework reward system to allow even more powerfull rewards, including one that you specified.

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