Monster Blocks

Monsterblocks is a Plugin that makes it possible to change the metadata of a block using a tool of your choise. Due to the way it works you can change the metadata of any block in the game, even of those blocks which dont normaly support metadata, like cobwebs and mycilium.


Why one might need this isnt obvious in the first place but let me explain it to you.
The main reason i started this plugin was because of a texturepack i found, which added new textures to blocks with metadata which basicaly allowed you to add new blocks to the game thanks to optifine and mcpatcher (ctm). This pack however expanded the palete of the metadata to blocks like cobwebs and mycilium which cant be placed by hand because of the lack of metadatasupport and needed worldedit to be placed. And since you dont want everyone on your server to run around with worldedit permissions this seemed like a perfect solution to the problem it also has the nice sidefunction of beeing able to rotate dispensers, stairs, ladders and so on you will be amazed of the possibilities.


in Order to use the function that the plugin offers you need to take the tool you set in the config in your hand and leftclick to lower or rightcklick to increase the metadatavalue of the block you are looking at. (leftclick also works in creativemode as long as you have the tool in your hand)

and thats it piece of cake

monsterblocks.wand /mb wand

or simply monsterblocks.* to grant access to use monsterblocks everywhere, where you can build (WorldGuard)

Texturepack: Use Google for "Conquest"

German Tutorial:

- Changelog
Updated to 1.8.8
Painting Switch is no longer included
Removed /mb reload*



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