Health API

Health API

  • MonsterApocalypse.setHpHandledExternally(boolean setting)

- Sets whether Monster Apocalypse should process damage events, or leave your plugin to do all of the hp updating.

  • MonsterApocalypse.getHealthManager()

- Returns the instance of the health manager.

  • healthmanager.addmob(LivingEntity ent)

- Adds a freshly spawned mob to the health manager map with Monster Apocalypse defined health values.

  • healthmanager.removemob(Entity ent)

- Removes a mob from the health map, generally not useful.

  • healthmanager.damagemob(LivingEntity ent, int dmg)

- Subtracts <dmg> from the mob's current hp, returns the new value.

- If the mob is not mapped, adds it, sets its hp to the Monster Apocalypse max minus current vanilla damage taken, and returns the current hp.

  • healthmanager.getmobhp(LivingEntity ent)

- Returns the mob's current HP.

  • healthmanager.setmobhp(LivingEntity ent, int amount)

- Sets the mob's hp to <amount>.


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