Monster Apocalypse v14.0d


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    May 23, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.5.2


Version 14.0d notes:

  • Monsters can now only place blocks if they are standing on a block or swimming.

Version 14.0c notes:

  • Added an option to disable Skeletons, WitherSkeletons, and PigZombies, according to each mob, from spawning with default equipment (allowing other plugins to set it instead)
  • Fixed Spider mega-aggro, including a bug where silverfish would spawn at players' feet.

Version 14.0b notes:

  • Fixed an old bug where PigZombies spawned without swords.
  • Fixed a bug where turning off nerdpole/airbridge deaths would result in the feature not creating blocks.
  • Fixed a bug where monsters could nerdpole through walls diagonally from above players. This could potentially still exist on 1-stair thick rooftops.

Version 14.0a notes:

  • Fixed an old bug where zombies could not pillar in lava or water.
  • Fixed a bug where zombies could catch themselves falling off an air bridge using a block, far below the bridge.

Version 14.0 notes:

  • Converted Zombie Corpse Piling into Monster Nerdpoling and Air Bridging! Please update your configs to the new lines.
  • Monsters will now build smarter with pillars and behave like players with blocks in their inventory to kill you.
  • Once the delay period has passed, monsters will nerdpole up at full speed.
  • Monsters can detect 2 block high walls and climb over.
  • Air bridging will allow monsters to build horizontally through the air to reach players, moving the monster along its bridge and extending it.
  • Air bridges can be built as a downward staircase, especially if monsters hit a deadly cliff dropoff.
  • Zombies, Skeletons, Creepers, Wither Skeletons, and PigZombies may individually be enabled in the Advanced Properties
  • The Material used for building is the same for all mobs
  • You may still use this functionality as corpse piling with bridging disabled and "Kill the monster when it nerdpoles or airbridges?" enabled.
  • This functionality is still compatible with CreeperHeal, and thus monster nerdpoles and bridges can be creeperhealed.
  • Added a protection method for players from exploding skeleton super arrows. When enabled, this will prevent arrows from exploding within a certain radius from players.
  • "Advanced Monster Properties.Skeleton.Super Arrow Player Protection Radius"