Monster Apocalypse v8.1e


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    Jul 2, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R4.0


  • ONLY runs on CB-1.2.5
  • Version 'A' fixes a null pointer bug introduced by the EnderDragon checks.
  • Version 'B' greatly improves monster AI in close range of players.
  • Version 'C' fixes ocelot, irongolem, enderdragon, and giant drops.
  • Version 'D' fixes the global flag for disabling corpse piling (previous did nothing, enabled corpse piling with mega-aggro on), greatly improved corpse piling AI, and caused corpse piling to no longer occur inside blocks+not drop water/lava blocks when placed in them.
  • Version 'E' fixes a slime/magmacube duplication bug which used to cause massive lag, and worldguard checks for death explosions and super arrow explosions. Additionally, a config option has been added to disable adding the MA command, so that multiple installations with edited plugin.yml files can be used.
  • Added a new zombie block destruction mode, where blocks have effective health and can be worn down over time until broken, 10 minutes pass, or the server restarts, as well as allowing mobs to work together. This mode will work far better for the majority of configs with no downsides. Enabled by default, found in Zombie Advanced Properties.
  • Added all property information for ocelots, giants, irongolems, and ender dragons.
  • Added an option to disable EnderDragons from destroying blocks. EnderDragon destruction will also be affected by Worldguard checks. This is a global flag.
  • Added an option to disable Endermen picking up blocks EVERYWHERE. This is a global flag.
  • Added an option to check for mobs dying inside blocks after spawning and remove them. This is a global flag.
  • Added a small radius minimum for old-style mega-aggro pointers to prevent interference with players movement.
  • Added Ocelots and Iron Golems to check for disabling passive mob spawns.
  • Updated the default Y max values from 128 to 255.