Monster Apocalypse v4.0


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    Jan 14, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.0.1-R1


  • Super Skeletons are now available! When used, this node will allow skeletons to attack from vast distances with pinpoint accuracy, with full arrow animation and everything you would expect from a proper shot. Set things such as range, how often they shoot, or arrows exploding/setting fire on impact!
  • Added custom Spawn Points. - Spawn Points enable you to spawn monsters at a point in the game world on a timer, without the hassles or vulnerabilities of creature spawners.

- Set the name, type, location, period, count, minlight, maxlight, and chance for each mob to spawn.

- Conforms to worldguard regions

- Has permissions support. Node name is Monster Apocalypse.spawnpoints. Permissions page here:

- To use this, make sure you have permission and type /ma addspawnpoint <name> <creaturetype> <period> <count> <minlight> <maxlight> <chance>. For example, "/ma addspawnpoint zombies Zombie 30 1 0 15 100".

- For more information read here:

  • Added the permission node for spawns (ignores ops) 'Monster Apocalypse.spawnpoints'
  • Added True Damage to advanced properties. When set above 0 and enabled, this node allows mobs to deal damage to players which ignores armor. This damage is applied followed by their normal damage.
  • Added multi-world support.

- Select which worlds to run the config on, any other will not be affected by the plugin

- You may set bonus spawns to only spawn on a single world

  • Added many various catchers for config problems.
  • Fixed a bug where immunities would run regardless of the 'other properties' setting.