Monopoly comes to Bukkit!!

Monopoly is a well-known game (that I do not own, see below) that I thought might be fun to play inside a minecraft server.


  • Admins can kick players out of the game if they see they are taking too long for their turn or any other reason they see fit.
  • Names of spaces are customizable!
  • Cards are customizable!
  • Physical board!
  • Physical jail cell!
  • Players are the pieces! They are teleported to the appropriate space when they roll.
  • When a player loses, their property is put back on the board as unowned and their money is put in the pot.
  • Automatic Turn Ending!
  • Game Saving!
  • Sessions!
  • Players are teleported back to their last location after the game is over. Their game mode is also put back.
  • Banning/Unbanning!
  • New in 1.5 - Menus! (Similar to those in CreateYourOwnMenus)
  • New in 1.5 - Blocks representing houses/hotels!
  • New in 1.5 - Trading!


Differences between the game and the plugin

Auctions have been removed. I have never played with this rule anyway, and in my personal opinion is kind of an annoying rule.

Mortgages have been removed.

- If there is significant need/want for the rules to be added or change, I may do so


  • Mineopoly.general.chat (allows a player to see what's going on in the game)
  • Mineopoly.general.game (allows a player to enter the game, overrides other permissions if they are playing)
  • Mineopoly.general.stats (allows a player not in game to see game stats, such as player or property information)
  • Mineopoly.admin.end (allows a player to end the current game)
  • Mineopoly.admin.force-add (allows a player to add players to the currently running game)
  • Mineopoly.admin.queue (allows a player to see who is in the game queue)
  • Mineopoly.admin.kick (allows a player to kick someone from the game)
  • Mineopoly.admin.reload (allows a player to reload the config)
  • Mineopoly.admin.set-paste-location (allows a player to set the location where the board is pasted)
  • Mineopoly.admin.start (allows a player to manually start the game)

Permission Tips

This only works if TacoAPI version 2.3.3 or later is installed

To give a player all 'general' permissions:

  • Mineopoly.general.*

To give a player all 'admin' permissions:

  • Mineopoly.admin.*

To give a player all permissions that Mineopoly requires:

  • Mineopoly.*


Title Deed/Property Commands

/property, /mpolyproperty, /mpolyprop, /mpolyp, /mproperty, /mprop, /prop, /mp, and /p are acceptable

  • /property add-house [property] - Add a house to a property
  • /property add-hotel [property] - Add a hotel to a property
  • /property buy - Buy the property you're standing on
  • /property info [name] - see information on a property
  • /property remove-house [property] - Remove a house from a property
  • /property remove-hotel [property] - Remove a hotel from a property
  • /property sell [property] <player> <price> - Offer to sell a property to a player
  • /property trade [your-property] <player> <their-property> - Offer to trade a property with another player

Jail Commands (for when a player is jailed)

/jail, /mpolyjail, /mpolyj, /mjail, /mj, and /j are acceptable

  • /jail card - use a Get Out of Jail Free card
  • /jail bail - pay bail
  • /jail roll - roll the dice to try to get out of jail

Player Commands

/mineopoly, /mgame, /mpoly, /mg, and /m are acceptable

  • /mineopoly deeds [player] - see a player's title deeds
  • /mineopoly et - end your turn
  • /mineopoly game-info - View game info
  • /mineopoly join - enter the queue to join a game
  • /mineopoly join channel - join the MineopolyChannel (you will be able to see messages output by the plugin, as well as see messages by players
  • /mineopoly menu - Open the game menu
  • /mineopoly monopolies [player] - see a player's monopolies
  • /mineopoly quit - forfeit from the game
  • /mineopoly roll - roll the die, if your turn or you rolled doubles
  • /mineopoly stats [player] - see player stats

Admin Commands

  • /mineopoly add <player> - forcefully add a player (will not work if mineopoly.game.add-even-when-banned is set to false)
  • /mineopoly ban <player> - prevent a player from playing Mineopoly
  • /mineopoly kick <player> - remove a player from the game
  • /mineopoly end - end the current game
  • /mineopoly queue - see the players in the game queue
  • /mineopoly resume <save-name> - resume the specified game
  • /mineopoly save <save-name> - save the current game as <save-name>
  • /mineopoly set-paste-locatioon/spl - Set the location of the board
  • /mineopoly start - manually start the game
  • /mineopoly unban <player> - allow a player to play Mineopoly again

Trading Commands

/mpolytrade, /mpolyt, /mtrade, /mt, /t are acceptable

  • /trade accept <player> - Accept a trade request from a player
  • /trade cancel <player> - Cancel a trade request with a player
  • /trade decline <player> - Decline a trade request from a player

Voting Commands

/mpolyvote, /mpolyv, /mvote, /mv, and /v are acceptable

  • /vote continue - Vote to continue the game
  • /vote end - Vote to end the game

House Rules

House rules are a new feature in 1.5. It allows you to adjust the gameplay experience.

  • house-sycronization - If set to true, players can only improve on a property if the houses for each property in a color are the same before or after the improvement were to be done. Default: false
  • land-on-go-bonus - A bonus for landing excactly on go. Default: 0
  • money-cap - If any player reaches this amount of money, they automatically win. Must be higher than starting-money. Default: 0 (no cap)
  • purchase-after-go-passes - Players have to pass go this many times in order to buy property. Default: 0
  • starting-money - The amount of money players start with in the game. Default: 1500
  • time-limit-minutes - The game will end if it runs too long. Default: 0 (no time-limit)
  • traveling-railroads - See here
  • bail-price - The amount a player has to pay to get out of jail Default: 50
  • collect-while-jailed - Players can collect rent while in jail. Default: false
  • improvement-requires-location - Players can only add houses or hotels to a property if they are standing on it. Default - false
  • improvement-requires-monopoly - Players can only add houses or hotels to a property if they have a monopoly for that property's color. Default: true
  • improve-while-jailed - Players can add houses and hotels to their properties while in jail. Default: false
  • trade-anytime - Players can start a trade even if it is not thier turn. Default: false
  • trade-while-jailed - Players can start or participate in trade while in jail. Default: false


Sessions are a new system in 1.4 that allow players to leave (log out) for a short amount of time before being kicked form the game. The default amount of time is 1 minute.

When a player logs off, they are not automatically kicked from the game. If they have not logged in within a certain amount of time (mineopoly.sessions.session-timeout-minutes), then the player will be kicked.

Game Saves

Game saves are a new system in 1.4. It allows you to save the current game, and then resume it later.

  • To save a game, use /mineopoly save <save-name>
  • To resume the game, use /mineopoly resume <save-name>

Creating Cards

Mineopoly allows the customization of the Chance and Community Chest cards. A card is basically a YAML file that consists of a description and action.

These files can be named whatever you want, as long as they are in the right folder.


The action of the card determines what the card does when it is 'drawn'

  • give # - gives the player money
  • jail - jails the player
  • move # - makes the player move forward (or backward if the number is negative)
  • movenearest [railroad/utility] - moves the player to the nearest railroad or utility
  • moveto # - makes the player move the section that has that specific id
  • payall # - makes the player pay every other player an amount of money
  • payplayer - makes all other players pay the player that drew the card (opposite of payall)
  • paypot # - makes the player put money in the pot
  • repairs # # - makes the player put an amount of money for every house (first number) and every hotel (second number) they own
  • take # - takes money from the player


Variables are new in 1.4. They allow you to add various strings to the card's description.

  • %<id> - Will be replaced with the name of the space with the given id
  • %randomDev - Will be replaced with either jeb_, notch, Dinnerbone, or EvilSeph (random)
  • %randomPlayer - Will be replaced with the name of a random player playing Mineopoly (but not the person that drew the card)
  • %randomSpace - Will be replaced with the name of a random space on the board.



Unzip the file, put the jar in the plugins folder. The .schematic file and the cards folder goes in the Mineopoly folder located inside the plugins folder (create it if it does not exist)


Start the server so the config can be generated. Before allowing anyone to join the queue, search for a good spot for the board to go (easier if the world is SUPERFLAT). Write down the coordinates and edit the config file as needed (change the world name if needed too, the default is 'world'), or use /mineopoly spl. Then restart/reload the server.


  • KILL3RTACO - Builder of Board, Programmer
  • TChand - Builder of Board

If there are any features you'd like to suggest feel free to pm me. If it something that is already involved with Monopoly, like community chest/chance cards cards for example, you still can but i might ignore it or tell you it should already be implemented/is going to be.

Monopoly ® and Parker Brothers ® are registered trademarks of © Hasbro Inc. I do not own any of the games concept nor do I own the game itself. I am just providing a way to play this game inside a minecraft server.


Available via GitHub


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