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Here I want to explain something more about MoneyVouch.
MoneyVouch is a plugin to add Money to a piece of paper.
This paper can you give to a player as a voucher that he can redeem by Right-Click
It's for now easy to use and easy setup ( No Extra Setup Required ATM ( Configs, Etc.. ) )
Later i will work out this plugin with more features

Plugin Requirements

  • Vault
    • Economy plugin that supports vault

Plugin Setup

Basic Installation

1. Download the .jar
2. Drop in to the /plugins folder
3. Restart your server

Plugin Installation

No Setup Requires(Versions: 1.0 / 2.0)

Commands & Permission Nodes


CommandAliasDescriptionPermission Node
/MoneyVouch/VouchRun the main commandEveryone
/MoneyVouch Create <value>N/ACreate a new vouchermoneyvouch.create

More Comming Later...

Permission Nodes

DescriptionPermission Node
Redeem a money

Comming Soon

Planned Updates

  • 1.0 Beta - Beta Launch
  • 1.1 Beta - Update of beta
  • 1.2 Beta - Fixed version some new features
  • 1.3 Beta - ...
  • 1.4 Beta - ...

Social & Videos

Quote from Dutch:

Comming Soon From My Self

Quote from English:

Please contact me...

Quote from Germany:

Please contact me...

Quote from Spanish:

Please contact me...

I can only understand english & dutch so contact me in one of that languages


For updates and announcements, find me on Twitter.


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