Monarchy features a unique allegiance and fealty system that creates formal links between players. In this system, a vassal swears allegiance to a patron. The patron then acts as a protector, item giver, knowledge guide and general leader. The reward for being a patron is a percentage of bonus experience based on what the vassal makes. Patrons can have unlimited vassals while vassals can only have one patron. In this structure, the top player in the pyramid is considered the monarch and can make decisions for their monarchy.

Current functionality

  • Players (vassal) can pledge their alliance to another player (patron).
  • Ability to passup bonus XP to patrons (and grand patrons)
  • Each player has a leadership and loyalty skill (percentage). The amount of XP passed up is determined by (patron_leadership% +vassal_loyalty%)/2
  • Players can increase their leadership/loyalty skills by spending XP. Each skill point becoming increasingly more expensive.
  • Players without patrons are considered monarchs regardless of how many followers they have.
  • Ability for monarchs to declare stances (allied, neutral, hostile, ect) on other players, followers are then given that stance towards those players.
  • Ability to block PvP attacks between players based on monarchy stances.
  • Ability to teleport to monarch/patron/vassal/followers.
  • Notifications for both monarchies when players are killed.
  • When declaring a stance on someone, you'll be told if they have a monarch and your current stance to that monarch.
  • Ability for administrator to grant ranks based on follower count.
  • Ability for administrator to grant permissions based on ranks.
  • Ability to set home points and permit who can recall to your home. (monarch/patron/vassal/follower/allied/friendly)
  • Ability to claim provinces (chunks) allowing owners to select who's able to modify your province, (default patron&vassal)
  • Claiming provinces cost experience points, configurable in config file.
  • Ability to charge a rent fee per province owned.
  • Ability to transfer ownership of provinces to other people.


  • MySQL is required for Monarchy to function, your login info can be inputted into the config.yml file.
  • A permissions plugin.

Other info

  • Monarchy is looking for translators, translations can be added here.
  • Source code is available here.
    Bitcoin donate.

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