Future plans

Future plans


  • Add monarchy ranks based on monarchy size.


  • Add chat tags possibly using follower rank titles.


  • Add chest protection allowing players to grand access to individual chests by monarchy/patrons/vassals/followers or allied players.

Monarchy control

  • Allow monarchs to assign players as regents to make monarch decisions on their behalf.
  • Possibly assigning rank titles on their distance from the monarch. The Monarch = King, direct vassal = Aetheling, grand vassal = duke, then Thane, Baron and the rest Yeoman.


  • Add general TP command with server admin deciding which relationships can teleport to each other. (monarchy/patron/vassals/followers/allied/friendly/neutral)


  • Ability for admins to set chunks as unclimbable.
  • Ability to set a parent province so child provinces can inherit the properties of the parent province.
  • Add command to see the number of provinces you/someone owns.
  • Add command to list the provinces you own and the ID/coords.
  • Add option to unclaim command to accept db IDs (if you own the province)
  • Remove the ability to set permits per chunk, instead of a global permit per user which they can choose who can modify all their provinces.


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