Lists base commands (/monarch, /patron, ect)
Permission: monarchy

/monarchy help

Show the /monarchy sub commands.

/monarchy spoof <name> <num>

Execute a XP passup call, for debugging.
Permission: monarchy.spoof

/monarchy reload

Reloads config and locale files.
Permission: monarchy.reload

/monarchy cache

Clears cache tables.
Permission: monarchy.cache

/monarchy version

Display the running version of Monarchy.
Permission: monarchy.version

/monarchy accept

Accept incoming request.
Permission: monarchy.accept,, monarchy.accept.tphere, monarchy.accept.pledge

/monarchy stance <who>

Retrieve your stance towards someone.
Permission: monarchy.stance

/monarchy declare <player> <stance>

Declare your stance towards someone.
Permission: monarchy.declare

/monarchy rank [player]

Show that player's rank title and follower count. If no name given defaults to user's name.
Permission: monarchy.rank

/monarchy home [player]

Recall to someone's home. (player's if no name given)
Permission: monarchy.home.self, monarchy.home.other

/monarchy sethome

Set your home's location.
Permission: monarchy.sethome

/monarchy permithome

Modify who's permitted to enter your home.
Permission: monarchy.permithome, monarchy.permithome.monarchy, monarchy.permithome.patron, monarchy.permithome.vassal, monarchy.permithome.follower, monarchy.permithome.allied, monarchy.permithome.friendly

/monarchy leadership [up]

Show and increase your current leadership skill.
Permission: monarchy.leadership, monarchy.leadership.up

/monarchy loyalty [up]

Show and increase your current loyalty skill.
Permission: monarchy.loyalty, monarchy.loyalty.up


Show your current monarch.
Permission: monarchy.monarch

/monarch help

Show monarch commands.

/monarch followers

Show the number of followers your monarch has.
Permission: monarchy.monarch.followers

/monarch tp

Teleport to your monarch.

/monarch tphere

Teleport to your monarch to you.
Permission: monarchy.monarch.tphere


Show who your patron is.
Permission: monarchy.patron

/patron help

Show patron commands.

/patron pledge

Pledge your allegiance to someone.
Permission: monarchy.patron.pledge

/patron dissolve

Dissolve your allegiance to someone.
Permission: monarchy.patron.dissolve

/patron followers

Show how many followers your patron has.
Permission: monarchy.patron.followers

/patron tp

Teleport to your patron.

/patron tphere

Teleport to your patron to you.
Permission: monarchy.patron.tphere


Show who your vassals are.
Permission: monarchy.vassal

/vassal help

Show vassal commands.

/vassal dissolve

Dissolve someone's allegiance to you.
Permission: monarchy.vassal.dissolve

/vassal tp <who>

Teleport to your vassal.

/vassal tphere <who>

Teleport to your vassal. to you.
Permission: monarchy.vassal.tphere


Permission: monarchy.follower

/follower help

Show follower commands.

/follower check

Check if someone's a follower of you.
Permission: monarchy.follower.check

/follower followers

Show how many followers you have.
Permission: monarchy.follower.followers

/follower tp <who>

Teleport to your follower.

/follower tphere <who>

Teleport to your follower to you.
Permission: monarchy.follower.tphere


Display province commands.
Permission: monarchy.province

/province check

Check who owns the chunk below you.
Permission: monarchy.province.check

/province claim

Claim the chunk below you.
Permission: monarchy.province.claim

/province permit [who]

Permit who's able to modify the chunk below you.
Permission: monarchy.province.permit, monarchy.province.override (ability to set someone else's permit), monarchy.province.monarchy, monarchy.province.patron, monarchy.province.vassal, monarchy.province.follower, monarchy.province.allied, monarchy.province.friendly, monarchy.province.neutral.

/province unclaim

Unclaim the chunk below you, no refund given.
Permission: monarchy.province.unclaim, monarchy.province.override,

/province transfer [who]

Transfer the chunk you're on to someone else.
Permission: monarchy.province.transfer, monarchy.province.override (transfer someone elses chunk)

/province rent [pay]

Check how much your rent fees are.


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