Change log

Change log

1.18.0 July 4, 2012

  • Added metrics, no new features.

1.17.0 May 31, 2012

  • Fixed issue preventing pledging due to target (falsely) being a follower.

1.16.0 May 30, 2012

  • Added /monarchy tp [who] command to teleport to someone, if permitted.
  • Added /monarchy permit command to toggle your home/province/teleport permits. (w/ server admin permission nodes)
  • Removed old home/province permit commands, left a msg saying to use the new command.
  • Province rent msg only shows if they paid over 0 exp.

1.15.0 May 29, 2012

  • We'll no longer update the last paid field in province db if they pay a zero rent fee.
  • Added province count command.
  • Transferring a province now sends a request to the target asking if they'll accept.
  • Fixed canModifyBlock caches not resetting after a province/stance/allegiance change.
  • Removed permits per province.
  • Added new db table to hold individual player permits.
  • Province permits are now set globally for each player instead of per province/chunk.
  • Preparing permit table for other requests like teleports, pledges. so players can block such requests.
  • Anyone can declare stances now.
  • Personal stances affect province protections. (no affect on pvp)
  • When modifying a chunk, plugin checks owner's stance before checking owner's monarch stance.
  • Fixed error grabbing timestamp info from the wrong column in province table.
  • Added option to colour chat names by their stance relative to the receiver.

1.14.0 May 28, 2012

  • Passing up exp should make less db calls to grab patron info.
  • Added province fees charged upon player login and by command.
  • Default rent fee is 10 exp per chunk per 24 hours.
  • Player only pays for provinces in the world they're in. (in case of partitioned exp worlds)

1.13.0 May 27, 2012

  • Fixed issue with creating the offline XP table without the world field.

1.12.0 May 27, 2012

  • Added world field to offline XP db, patrons can only receive XP in the worlds it was collected in.
  • Plugin should auto update existing tables and set their world columns to the server's default world.
  • Players should receive offline exp when switching worlds. (they only get the exp from the world the vassal earned it in)

1.11.0 May 27, 2012

  • Added ability to claim provinces (chunks).
  • Claiming a province costs a exp fee.
  • Added ability to select who can modify your province (monarchy, patron, vassal, follower, allied, friendly, neutral)
  • Added exp command to see your current experience points.
  • Warning message when breaking someone's province includes your stance's colour on the owner's name.
  • Added option to enable passing up bottled exp. off by default.
  • Added permission needed to passup exp to patron (monarchy.passupexp). in case a server has a creative world they don't want affecting exp in other worlds.
  • Added permission (monarchy.receiveofflineexp) to receive offline exp upon login. (in case player logs in a creative world or something)
  • Added monarchy.province.permit[.type] permissions for permitting players to your province.
  • Added monarchy.permithome.type permissions for permitting players to your house.
  • Plugin tests DB connection on start, if no connection it'll disable itself.
  • Removed canAttackXXX options in config, switched to "monarchy.canattack.XXX" permission nodes.
  • Timers should stop properly on shutdown/reload.

1.10.0 May 26, 2012

  • Added configurable command aliases, /stance = /monarchy stance, /home = /monarchy home. Edit the aliases.yml file to add/remove aliases.

1.9.0 May 25, 2012

  • Added leadership & loyalty skills which affect the amount of XP passed up. Formula=(vassal_loyalty+patron_leadership)/2
  • Added commands to view your leadership/loyalty skill and increase them for a XP fee. default, cap, increase and cost in config.
  • Added option to use old passup option (passUpPercent). off by default
  • Added grandPatronPassupModifier option which affects the amount of XP passing up to grand patrons (your patron's patron). default 50% of what your patron received.

1.8.0 May 24, 2012

  • Added permissions granted on player follower count. (iffy if it'll get used)
  • Rank based permissions only function when player has monarchy.ranks.permissions (resets on world change)
  • Added home command to recall home. (monarchy.home)
  • Added sethome command to set your home location (monarchy.sethome)
  • Added home/sethome/permithome to the help command.
  • Reduced number of sql connections in functions.
  • Fixed monarch and patron functions not caching.
  • Added permithome command to permit monarch/patron/vassal/follower/allied/friendly players to recall to your home.
  • Adding a player's name to the home command will take you to their home (with their permission)
  • Added default home permission to config (6=patron+vassal);

1.7.0 May 24, 2012

  • Fixed follower join notification using the leave permission.
  • Changed Guild term to Monarchy.
  • Declare makes sure target has existed before declaring stance (incase of typo).
  • Help commands now only list commands they have permission to use.
  • Moved commands to their own classes.
  • When checking pvp events, we first check our stance on that specific person, if there's no stance we fall back to our stance on their monarch, if no stance we fall back on the server default stance (generally Neutral).
  • Added expunge command to remove a stance from someone.
  • When declaring a stance which is the server default stance, we remove our stance from that target.
  • Fixed stance and declare being in the patron command.
  • Fixed issue being unable to expunge a non existent stance.
  • Removed ability to declare the default stance on players (it expunges or says you're already %defaultStance%).
  • Only clearing stance caches on stance changes, allegiance caches remain untouched.
  • Added relationship colours to attack message.
  • Relationship colours should show properly if target has no monarch.
  • Stances on other individuals take priority over stances on their monarchs. (Player's monarch still takes priority over themself)
  • Added monarchy notifications if a follower has/was killed/slain. Colours relative to the receives relationship to the people killed.
  • stance command colour coded properly now, includes colours for the target and the target's monarch.
  • Declaring stance notify now shows the target's monarch.
  • Added option to enable telling target monarchy of stance change. (off by default)
  • Monarch won't see the additional notification when they declare a stance.
  • Moved YML handing to new class.
  • Added player ranks based on followers, so far only titles working.
  • Added /monarchy rank command to get someone's rank.
  • Fixed PvP kills not notifying properly.

1.6.0 May 22, 2012

  • Added pledge and dissolve notifications for followers of that monarchy.
  • Added option to notify ops of new version.
  • Added command to send message to your monarchy. /monarchy <msg>
  • Added /patron tp command to teleport to your patron (after they've accepted your request)
  • Added permissions to accept TP/TPHERE. &monarchy.accept.tphere.
  • Added tp/tphere command to /monarch.
  • Added tp/tphere for /vassals.
  • Added notification when a monarch declares their stance on someone. Players in both monarchs receive the message.
  • Fixed issue preventing pledging/declaring if name was misspelled.
  • Added request on pledge, players cannot pledge without permission.

1.5.0 May 21, 2012

  • Added check subcommand to /monarch, to see if someone is your monarch's follower.
  • Fixed wrong permission check for /follower check.
  • Added PVP support, Monarchy can block PvP depending on stance and server settings.
  • Added settings whether players can attack guild, allied, friendly, neutral, wary & hostile players.
  • Added setting whether PvP victims can defend themselves overriding their monarch's stance towards someone. (along with how long you can attack them)
  • Moved Stance and Declare to /monarch.

1.4.0 May 21, 2012

  • Added declare command to declare your stance towards someone.
  • Added stance command to retrieve your stance towards someone.
  • Added condition that only monarchs can declare stances (followers obey that stance).

1.3.0 May 20, 2012

  • Added caches for player's monarch/patron/followers.
  • Added commands to reload configs/locales and clear caches.
  • Added Stances DB table, to hold allied/neutral/wary/hostile status. (no way of managing it yet)
  • Added version command.
  • Added ghetto latest version check.
  • Increased version to 1.3.0.

1.2.0 May 20, 2012

  • Added /monarchy command.
  • Added /follower command.
  • Added followers subcommand to /monarch, /patron /follower to show the number of followers your monarch/patron/self has.
  • Added localization and english locales.
  • Coloured messages to users.

0.1.0 May 20, 2012

  • Added option to disable grand patron passup. (enabled by default)
  • Renamed plugin to Monarchy.
  • Added vassals command to list your vassals and the XP they've produced.
  • Splitting commands into patron/vassal/monarch.
  • Added option to prevent alliance loops. (enabled by default)
  • Added monarch command to see who's your monarch.
  • Added command to drop vassal.
  • Added permission nodes to commands.

0.0.2 May 19, 2012

  • Projected renamed to Monarchy, no real changes yet.

0.0.1 May 19, 2012

  • First upload. Everything should be functional however further testing is needed (hence the alpha version).


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