Mojang Status

Mojang Status

The Mojang servers' uptimes are getting better, but there are (and will always be) some times when their servers are down. Unfortunately some players aren't as familiar with the status checker page so they think it's your server's fault. This can result in players thinking the problem is your server's, which is never good.

Now with MojangStatus, your server motd (the message you see in the server list) will change if a mojang service is down. So your players will be informed before they even enter your server.


  • Super easy and lightweight.
  • Unlike other plugins MojangStatus gets the uptime data directly from Mojang's websites, not a third party's.
  • Status checks run async, which means it won't cause lag or freeze your server.
  • Choose which services to be counted as "Mojangservers are offline." (For example, if the skins servers are down that might not be a reason to inform your players.)

This plugin uses Plugin Metrics. This means it will send anonymous data to to help improve MojangStatus. If you really want to (please don't) you can disable this feature in the Plugin Metrics configuration. (Located plugins/Plugin Metrics)


checkUpdate: true

Would you like MojangStatus to automatically check for newer versions available from BukkitDev?


What would you like the motd to say when a Mojang server is offline?

Planned Features/Fixes

  • Commands to view status.
  • Customisable check times.
  • Execute commands (or broadcast a message) when a Mojang server goes offline/online.
  • API so other plugins can hook in to Mojang Status and see if the mojang servers are online/offline.
  • What do you want added? Submit an enchantment ticket!



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