Modifyworld is a permission-based world protection plugin providing a level of user-specific, fine-grained control not offered by any other plugin by using permissions nodes as its primary method of access configuration. Restriction of almost every aspect of the game is supported.

Modifyworld is maintained by the PermissionsEx team and works best with PermissionsEx due to its support for regular expression-based permissions, but as of version 1.19.7 supports any permissions plugin, optionally using Vault for user-specific action denied messages.

Read the documentation for information on configuration and installation.

Some of the restrictions supported by Modifyworld:

  • Whitelist (modifyworld.login)
  • Chat (
  • Block placement (<id>)
  • Item usage (modifyworld.items.use.<itemid>.on.<blockid>)
  • Container access (modifyworld.items.take.<itemid>.of.<container>)
    • Entity damage (modifyworld.damage.take.<entityName>)

and many more.

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