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This plugin has recently transferred ownership and has been rewritten from the ground up.


This mod enables the function for mobs to send chat messages upon various events. Any player within a designated radius of the mob will see the chat message when it speaks. The messages, message format and events are all fully customizable. Read the Advanced Configuration section for more info.


  1. Download the latest version of MobTalk (located at the bottom of the sidebar under "Recent Files:").
  2. Add the permission "mobtalk.hear" to the players you want to be able to see the mobs chatter (ops have it by default).
  3. Drop plugin into your plugins directory and restart the server (so it generates the configuration file).
  4. You can use the command '/mobtalk reload' to reload the configuration file without restarting the server(/mt works too!).
  5. Your done! If you would like to change what the mobs say, when they say it, and how often they say it, read this page - Advanced Configuration


If you have any errors or issues with the plugin, please use the ticket system provided. Be sure to include any stack traces or console outputs as well as a full description of the issue and I will respond and create a fix as soon as I can.


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