== IMPORTANT: == This plugin is no longer receiving updates. MobStacker2 is a complete, premium, rebuild. It is up to date with the latest Spigot releases, works with PaperSpigot 1.8 and has mcMMO and WorldGuard integration. Please consider supporting my efforts and getting a really useful plugin out of it :D

What is MobStacker?

  • MobStacker is a super simple but highly effective plugin designed to reduce lag both for the server and clients.
  • It works off the premise that lowering the number of entities in the area (Mobs, in this case), by stacking them all together, means less information for the server to keep track of, and also less entities for each client near the mobs to render.
  • This plugin is a must have for servers that have mob grinding as a core component of their server, as server permanence is freed up so much. This allows for more players, more features, and of course, players' experience a better framerate while farming mobs.
  • Although the concept behind MobStacker is incredibly simple, the way this plugin has been made means the level of customisation and efficiency is unprecedented.


  • Mobs of the same type that spawn in close proximity stack together, and the quantity is displayed.
  • You can use the {QTY} and {TYPE} tag in the configs, along with standard colour codes to choose how stacked mobs names will be displayed. Upon slaying the mob, the number of mobs in the stack will drop by 1, and drop full loot at XP as if a normal mob had been killed.
  • When only 1 mob is left, the name with the quantity vanishes, and it appears as a normal, unstacked mob.
  • If there are two stacks nearby and a mob is killed from one, both will combine. (If CUSTOM spawn method is left true in config)
  • Mobs will stack to other mobs who's path they cross after spawning within the time defined in the config. This is ideal for applications such as grinders where mobs may not necessarily spawn within the stacking range, but reach the other mobs soon after.
  • You are able to define a size around the mob in which it will look for other mobs to stack to in the config.
  • Set whether leashed mobs stack (Keep players horses safe).
  • Check whether the mob has a custom name (Keep players pets safe).
  • Keep animals separated by age (Adult or baby)
  • Stack management based off of death cause.
  • Option to have exploding creeper stacks have larger explosions.
  • Tamed pets can be protected in config.
  • Option to keep stacks separate based on colour (For sheep).
  • Option to have mobs stack downwards, and specify which mobs obey this rule.
  • Option to have whole stacks leash, or one at a time
  • Option to choose a max stack size for specified mobs.
  • Blacklist worlds form being affected by this plugin.
  • Have full stacks die at once from defined death reasons, AND drop loot for the whole stack.
  • Sheep are separated and restarted when they are shorn, so a whole stack can be shorn easily.
  • Stacks can be set to keep burning when one of the mobs in the stack dies by fire.
  • Ability to nerf mobs based on their spawn method (They won't fight back)
  • Set which spawn methods will not give mcMMO exp.
  • Define which stacks will be kept when chunks are unloaded or the server restarts.

Default Name Layout


  • /mobstacker reload (mobstacker.reload) - Reloads the config
  • /mobstacker toggle (mobstacker.toggle) - Toggles server wide whether mobs stack
  • /mobstacker region <regionID> <true || false> (mobstacker.setregions) - Sets whether mobs stack in a world guard region.
  • /mobstacker killall (mobstacker.killall) - Removes all stacks

Default Config

If you have any questions or feature requests, don't be afraid to ask.

If you guys like the plugin, a review and rating is always appreciated!



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