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A continuation of a continuation (last maintainer was Fluff) of Edward's most awesome plugins - MobRider - a plugin for riding and controlling mobs.

Download and Installation

  • Download and install Vault
  • Download and install MobRider
  • Setup your permissions

Development build downloads.

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Feature Summary

  • Use saddles to ride any mob, animal and even players
  • Control mobs/animals by use of a whip (fishing rod - configurable)
  • Control mobs using arrows keys in Spoutcraft with Spout enabled servers
  • Command mobs to move, attack and stop using simple chat commands
  • Command mobs to goto the following destinations
    • Local players and mobs
    • Citizen NPCs (requires Citizens plugin)
    • Factions regions (requires Factions plugin)
    • Multiverse portals (requires Multiverse-Portal plugin)
    • Regios regions (requires Regios plugin)
    • Residence regions (requires Residence plugin)
    • Towny regions (requires Towny plugin)
    • WorldGuard regions (requires WorldGuard plugin)
  • Your mob will automatically protect you from anything causing you harm
  • If you attack anyone, your mob will automatically lend a hand
  • Feed your mob to replenish its health (food items configurable)
  • Travel at much faster speeds than walking (speeds configurable)
  • Receive a Spawn Egg on dismount (configurable)
  • Enable random chance to mount and/or associated coin cost (configurable)
  • Your mob will chat with you :)
  • Permissions-friendly



Featured on yogscast! Starts around 1:25...ends around 4:00


Command Summary

Command Description
/mob mount Toggle mount/umount nearby mob
/mob go <direction> [distance] Instructs the mob you are riding to start moving in the given direction.
If a distance is supplied, it will walk that far and then stop
(maximum distance is configurable). Valid directions include north,
northsouth, south, etc. or abbreviated n, ns, s, etc.
/mob goto <name> Instructs your mob to go to the specified player name, mob name,
npc name or region name (within a configurable distance).
/mob goto <X> <Z> Mob will go to the specified coordinate
/mob follow <name> Commands your mob to follow a player, mob or npc.
/mob attack <name> Commands your mob to move to and attack the given player or mob.
/mob buck Buck a player riding you
/mob stop Commands your mob to stop everything it's doing.
/mob reload Reload the config

Permission Nodes

Permission Description
mobrider.command.mount Player can use /mob mount
mobrider.command.go Player can use /mob go
mobrider.command.goto Player can use /mob goto
mobrider.command.follow Player can use /mob follow
mobrider.command.attack Player can use /mob attack
mobrider.command.buck Player can use /mob buck
mobrider.command.stop Player can use /mob stop
mobrider.admin.reload Player can use /mob reload
mobrider.players Player can mount other players
mobrider.animals Player can mount animals
mobrider.monsters Player can mount monsters
mobrider.spawnegg Player receives a spawn egg on dismount

Individual Mob Permissions

You can also control permissions on individual mobs:

mobrider.animals.chicken: true
mobrider.monsters.zombie: true

Known Issues

  • You can't control Ghasts, Slimes, Magma Cubes or Ender Dragons
  • You'll lose your saddle trying to rid pigs

Discussion Forum

  • You can find the discussion forum here.

Change Log


  • Compatible with 1.4.6


  • Added support for 1.4 mobs (see caveats)
  • Added /mr command alias to /mob
  • Fixed bug with players not able to kill their rider
  • FIxed CME bug
  • Miscellaneous code improvements

Changelog Archive

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