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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Mob Rewards allows you to give money to players when they kill mobs. Optionally, you can decrease the amount of money and experience points they receive for subsequent kills.


There is only one command provided by Mob Rewards: /mr reload, which reloads the configuration file.


  • mobrewards.reward - reward players for killing mobs
  • mobrewards.admin.reload - reload the configuration file


log: false
  money_decrease: true
  exp_decrease: true
  kill_limit: 5
  kill_reset: 30
  creative_earnings: false
  spawner_earnings: true
  - world
  - world_nether
  - world_the_end
  reward: "You have earned [REWARD] for [KILL_REASON] this [MOB_TYPE]!"
  limit: "Kill a different type of mob to continue receiving rewards"
  - killing
  - smiting
    - "mini zombie"
    money: 10.0
    money: 10.0
    money: 10.0

The configuration is pretty straightforward - you specify a list of mobs that you want to set rewards for. Any that aren't listed will silently be ignored.

You can globally set whether money and experience decreases for each kill, as well as a kill limit. When a mob is killed, the player receives the amount of money (and Minecraft's default experience) for that mob, with a decrease for each subsequent kill. When the kill limit is reached (or the amount of money reaches zero), the player will see a message indicating that they should kill another type of mob to reset the kill limit. The default configuration doesn't set a kill limit (-1 is considered "infinite"), but it's recommended that you set a limit around 5 or so (depending on how much money you pay per mob kill).

You can globally set kill_reset, which is used to reset the kill counter for each mob type. For example, you can kill 2 zombies, wait 6 hours and kill a third, and then not receive any money - with the kill reset, if you set this to 30 (seconds), it will set zombie kills to zero if 30 seconds or more has elapsed since the last zombie kill.

You can also set whether players in creative mode should earn money or experience. This defaults to false if not specified in your configuration. Optionally, you can also restrict earnings to specific worlds.

It is also possible to toggle earnings for mobs that originated from a mob spawner. This will only track mobs that were spawned since the server restarted, as the list is wiped on every restart. Note that stopping earnings from mob spawners may lead to players creating dark area spawners instead, which could lead to performance issues.

If you'd like to set different options for specific mobs, you can add the kill limit, money decrease and experience decrease options to the mob's section.


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