MobRepellent v0.7.2

MobRepellent allows players to construct "repellers" that will prevent hostile mobs from spawning within a certain distance. This is useful for cities and other settlements where mass amounts of torches are not aesthetically pleasing and cannot guarantee that mobs won't spawn.

Get it!

Download v0.7.2 for CB-1.2.3-R0.2 - Source (github)
Download the sample config.yml file (place it in your plugins/MobRepellent directory)

How do I use MobRepellent?

Simply drag the MobRepellent plugin .jar file into your Bukkit /plugins directory. MobRepellent will automatically create all the necessary files.

Once the plugin is loaded, to create a repeller you'll need 7 iron, gold, or diamond blocks. First, using five blocks, construct a shape that looks like a plus sign (+) parallel with the ground. Next, place the remaining two blocks directly above the block in the center of the plus sign. See these:

How to Construct the Base
How to construct base
Completed Structure
Completed structure

After the repeller is constructed, no hostile mobs will spawn within a cuboid radius of the base of the repeller. For instance, if the radius is 50 blocks, it will repel in a 100x100x100 cube centered at the base of the repeller. Neutral mobs are not blocked by default, but this can be configured in the config.yml. MobRepellent does not affect mob spawners, hostile nor passive. To remove the repeller, simply remove one of the blocks that is part of the repeller.

Default repeller types and radii:

  • Small - Iron block - 20 block radius
  • Medium - Gold block - 30 block radius
  • Large - Diamond block - 50 block radius

Console and Admin Commands

All console commands default to OP-only.

/mrlist - Lists all currently loaded repellers
/mrreload - Reloads the configuration file
/mrremove [repellerNumber] - Removes the selected number
    as found in the list given by /mrlist. Does
    not remove the repeller structure.
/mrremoveall - Removes all currently loaded repellers. Does
    not remove the repeller structure.


MobRepellent now contains support for Bukkit permissions. Using a plugin such as PermissionsBukkit will allow you to take full advantage of the new functionality.

mobrepellent.* - Access to all permissions

    Default: OP-only
    Allows use of /mrlist command

    Default: OP-only
    Allows use of /mrreload command

    Default: OP-only
    Allows use of /mrremove command

    Default: OP-only
    Allows use of /mrremoveall command

    Default: all players
    Allows player to create a repeller

    Default: all players
    Allows player to destroy a repeller

Configuring MobRepellent

You can configure MobRepellent to use almost any block type instead of the default blocks. You can also configure MobRepellent to use any radius to repel mobs, and select which mobs to repel and which to ignore.. On the first run of the plugin, MobRepellent will automatically create a config.yml file with the default values. See this sample config.yml file for more information.

Todo list

  • Custom repeller shapes (admin defined structures)
  • Possibly add visual cue that repeller is working. Possibly with the top block on fire (as suggested by @darklust ). This will be configurable and probably default to off.
  • Possibly add configuration option to make repellers require fuel.

Known Issues

  • TNT and creeper explosions can destroy repeller structures without destroying the actual repeller functionality
  • Permissions allow players to "construct" an inactive repeller, but not destroy it


Version 0.7.2

  • Added configuration option to allow spawning below a repeller, regardless of its radius

Version 0.7.1

  • Configuration files are now fully functional, although the format has changed (old format config files will automatically update to the new format). See the sample config.yml on GitHub for more info.
  • Reloading config file while in-game is now fixed
  • Damage values for blocks (e.g. orange wool) now works using '@' in the config file
  • Many fixes to spawn-blocking (squid, villagers, golems, snowmen, spawner eggs, etc)

Version 0.7.0

  • Basic functionality restored for CraftBukkit 1.2.3-R0.2 (#2060)
  • Removed glowstone from restricted blocks, added mycelium, end stone
  • Introduced small configuration file bugs (must stop server, edit file, restart server for changes to take effect)
  • Introduced (re-introduced?) bug with squid being blocked from spawning, regardless of configuration options

For previous versions, see the README file.

Notify me of any bugs or suggestions you have. I'd like to make this as useful as possible.


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