Note: This plugin only works with 1.5+ Bukkit builds!

In 1.5 the ability to have custom names for mobs was introduced, this plugin makes it easy to add custom mob names to any mob!

So we decided, Hey let's make it easy to change the name of any mob.

MobName Photo

How do I change a mobs name?

Simply look at a mob ingame and type: /mobname Test to change the name Need to turn off the mob name? type: /mobname off while looking at the mob!

Do you support colours?

Yep, Simply do any of the colour codes displayed on in the format &c to colour the name!


by Rimoon rk

What are the permission nodes?

Use mobname.rename to give permission to a username to rename a mob or just give them op!

If I change it from bukkit to vanilla does it still work?

Of course, it uses NBT structure meaning it works perfect in vanilla!

Any shorter ways of doing the commands?

Yep, you can use /mname or /mn for shorter commands to rename


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