This plugin brings a new way of money earning. With this plugin it will drop virtual money when a mob dies. This money can be picked up by players and will go directly to their economy account.


Support&Questions / Bugs / Feature Requests

If you have any questions/bug reports or feature requests. Please click on *Tickets* on top, and create a new one.
Thank you.


  • Extreme lightweight plugin
  • Highly customizable
  • Each mob can drop a custom amount of money event cent values (example (0.01))
  • World Blacklists


Planned Features & Bugs

If you found a bug or have a suggestion, please use the ticket system



Command Description Permission
/mobmoney reload Reload the Configuration mobmoney.reload
- Required to receive money from mobs mobmoney.receive





    AllowSpawnEggs: true
If true, Mobs spawned from spawn eggs will drop money.
    AllowMonsterSpawner: true
If true, mobs spawned by Monster_Spawners will drop money.
    AllowCreativeMode: true
If true, Players in creative mode will earn money from mob kills
   pickupsound: ITEM_PICKUP
The Sound which will be played on Money Pickup
    pickupsound-volume: 5
Sound Volume
    pickupsound-pitch: 1
Sound Pitch value
   droppedItem: Gold_Ingot
Item which will be used for money
   sendpickupmessage: true
If true, the plugin will send the player a message with the amount of money they picked up.
   double_event: false
If true, mobs will drop 2 "money" items instead of one (Good for event weekends etc)
   ChanceToDropMoney: 100
Chance to drop a money item (100 = 100% and 1 = 1%) -> You cant go lower than 1
   EnableMetrics: true
Enable Metrics statistic collection.



Metrics Statistic Collection

Metrics is used to collect plugin statistics. Only data such as plugin version and players online is collected. If you do not wish for this data to be collected, disable this the Metrics statistic collection in the metrics config.yml




I'm developing this plugin in my free-time, if you like my plugin and want to help me, please donate. Donating is the best way to help me out, it goes towards more bug-fixing. Thanks! The donate button is in the top right corner.




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