This simple plugin lets you leash aggressive mobs like zombies, creepers and spiders.


The list of mobs that can be leashed with this plugin is:

  • Creepers
  • Zombies
  • Spiders and Cave Spiders
  • Pig Zombies
  • Witches
  • Silverfish
  • Giants
  • Villagers


To leash a mob, you will need a normal lead (leash) just like with other creatures. Simply right click on the mob, and the leash will appear. You can then attach the leash to a fence, for example, or just walk around spawn scaring people :).


There is one permission node for each type of mob that can be leashed with this plugin. The permission lets you leash the corresponding mob. All permission nodes default to everyone.

  • mobleash.leash.creeper - Allows you to leash creepers
  • mobleash.leash.zombie - Allows you to leash zombies
  • mobleash.leash.skeleton - Allows you to leash skeletons
  • mobleash.leash.spider - Allows you to leash spiders
  • mobleash.leash.pigzombie - Allows you to leash pig zombies
  • mobleash.leash.villager - Allows you to leash villagers
  • mobleash.leash.witch - Allows you to leash witches
  • mobleash.leash.cavespider - Allows you to leash cave spiders
  • mobleash.leash.silverfish - Allows you to leash silverfish
  • mobleash.leash.giant - Allows you to leash giants


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