Feel free to add comments or suggestions for new features:

  1. Make MasterMobhunterSign with colors and user format
    1. Store SignData as MetaData on the SignBlock.
    2. Line1: [MHnnn+Fnnn]
    3. new class. SignData ?
    4. Hide MH Tag on MH signs.
    5. Add Ability to edit Signs with hidden MH Tag. ??? How to do this?
  2. Integrate to HologramDisplay.
    1. Make a scoreboard
    2. What else? (Showing what?)
  3. Add hologram above MasterMobHunter head. Showing some stats.
    1. Show top x above npc/players head.
    2. if the NPC moves it must follow the npc.
  4. Let the NPC mo e and do some funny stuff.
    1. if sentinel is installed to the npc can attack mobs?
  5. Create a PickUpRewardEvent
    1. can be cancelled
    2. getPlayer()
    3. getItemStack()
    4. getValue ()
  6. Add integration to Gringotts. DropMoneyOnGround should drop the Reward in Gringotts currencies. DONE
  7. Add integration to MobStacker. DONE
  8. Use the new Bukkit BossBAR API
  9. add a table in database with killed player, to show kills in a inventory gui later
  10. show killed mobs in a inventory gui. rejected
  11. Cancel reward for pvpkill if cooldowntime has not gone.
  12. Add cooldowntime for killing the same mob, animal, player.
    1. or I would suggest Depreciative Returns, so if a mob, animal, player is killed more times in a given time, it gives less and less till it hits 0 and you need to wait for the "cooldown" to get money back. Many other Mob Earning plugins have this and since I was using MobBountyReloaded and loving this feature, I'd like to see it implemented.
  13. Add a new Worldguard/MobHunting flag, where the player get learn information while being in that region.
  14. Personal killboard.
  15. Add permission to disable pvpkills.
    1. mobhunting.pvpkills, default true if not disabled in config.yml
  16. Describe Achievements better
  17. Integration to InfernalMobs
    1. http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/infernal-mobs/
    2. The developer of Infernal Mobs has been contacted, but he has not opened his source code or made an API.
  18. Add title and hotbar text. DONE
  19. show achievements in a inventory gui. DONE
  20. Integrations
    1. BarAPI What should this be used for? DONE
    2. VanishNoPacket - player dont get achievements while vanished.DONE
    3. TitleWelcomeMessage - Could be used to announce Achievements.DONE
    4. PlaceholderAPI - Could be used to present statistics about the users killings DONE
  21. Add setting in Config.yml to define if the reward is dropen on ground or put into the Inventory DONE
  22. Add drop ItemMoney feature, so that the players need to pick up the rem to get the money. And item disapears. Example place a hologramtext above te item DONE
  23. Add bounty feature - Update 30-04-2016: I have started programming this feature! DONE
    1. It would be great for that to allow for players to put contracts out on each other. Once the head has been removed, the offer is paid and off the table. Perhaps and expiration on the offer. Obviously permissions should be considered, an an exclusion list (players/groups) DONE
    2. I really hope you make the bounty feature. And may I suggest random bounties of online players as well and it announces it in public chat when someone has a bounty on them? I think that would be a nice option as I cannot find another plugin that does something like that. DONE
  24. Integration to battlearena http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/battlearena2/--DONE
    1. https://github.com/alkarinv/BattleArena/wiki/Api#Example_Arena_1
  25. Also thought of an interesting suggestion that you could add if you want to. Config option for the slime and magma cube to only execute the command when the smallest size is killed. So if I were to kill a big slime which splits I would not get money/items, and same for medium, but each tiny slime I kill command gets called. REJECTED.
  26. Implement a "mute" command so players don't get "spammed" on the player screen DONE
  27. Make integration to Citizens/NPC so admin can create a NPC showing the top xxx player for a given stat type. DONE
  28. Add integration to a Disguise plugin, and add a new Bonus/Achievement called "under Cover" when the player must kill another player while in disguise as a agressive / passive mob. DONE
  29. Add new command /learn" where the player get information about why he didnt get a reward for killing a mob. DONE
    1. Number of pvp kills on signs DONE
    2. Top killed mobs, with 1 or more signs DONE
  30. Add varables for use in config.yml: {money}, {currency}, {victim} playename, mob name, mythic mob name, npc name. DONE


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