This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Mob Hoppers Have you ever wanted to obtain not only spawn eggs, but vast collections of mob heads and other mob-related goodies? Finally, now there is a simple and intuitive way. A mob caught walking around atop a hopper will be sucked in, leaving behind only a small reward.


  • Configurable mob options including:
    1. Chicken
    2. Cow
    3. Mooshroom
    4. Ocelot
    5. Pig
    6. Sheep
    7. Squid
    8. Villager
    9. Enderman
    10. Wolf
    11. Zombie Pigman
    12. Cave Spider
    13. Creeper
    14. Ghast
    15. Magma Cube
    16. Silverfish
    17. Skeleton
    18. Slime
    19. Spider
    20. Witch
    21. Wither Skeleton
    22. Zombie
    23. Snow Golem
  • Configurable drops for each mob including a head option for:
    1. Cow Head
    2. Mooshroom Head
    3. Pig Head
    4. Sheep Head
    5. Villager Head
    6. Enderman Head
    7. Zombie Pigman Head (featuring the head of the popular youtuber Zisteau)
    8. Creeper Head
    9. Ghast Head
    10. Skeleton Head
    11. Slime Head
    12. Wither Skeleton Head
    13. Zombie Head
    14. Snow Golem Head/Pumpkin

Mob Hoppers Heads Keep in mind, the extensive amounts of mob heads are achieved by using player heads until this functionality is added in Minecraft.

  • Configurable time frequency between checks to reduce server load.
  • Ability to choose drop from either head, spawn egg or item ID.
  • Configurable messages.
  • Supports all popular permission plugins including:
    1. Permissions Ex
    2. GroupManager Permissions
    3. zPermissions
    4. Vault
    5. No permission plugin (OP access)


  • /mh - Display the MobHoppers help menu.
  • /mh reload - Reload MobHoppers (if it's currently enabled).
  • /mh disable - Disable MobHoppers.

Permission Nodes

  • MobHoppers.disable - Gives access to the disable command.
  • MobHoppers.reload - Gives access to the reload command.

Bug Reporting

If you find a bug, a great way to let me know about it is either by posting in the comments here or by PM'ing me. I do my best to fix bugs within 2 days of reporting.


If you use MobHoppers on your server and enjoy it, show your appreciation by buying me a coffee. I go out of my way to ensure my plugins are bug-free and fully functioning and it takes a lot of my time. A link to donate with PayPal is at the upper right hand corner of the screen.


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