This plugin integrates with Spout to fix the "backwards EnderDragon" issue found in MobDisguise.


Due to issues within Notchian code, the Minecraft client positions the EnderDragon disguises from MobDisguise reversed. This plugin listens for entity-look packets for EnderDragon-disguised players that are to be sent to clients and edits the Yaw by 128 of a byte (180 degrees) before sending the packet. This fix was not done within MobDisguise itself due to the Spout dependency.

Who this is for:

Any server admin who wants their dragon disguises corrected and has Spout installed.

How to:

  1. Install MobDisguise
  2. Install Spout
  3. Install MobDisguiseDragonSpin
  4. Use: /md enderdragon
  5. The dragon will now be facing the correct direction.

Note: The fix isn't perfect. Every now and then, you will see the dragon spin around on its own or spasm. This is not fixable, but could be considered humorous.


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