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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.2-R0.2




Use this tool to convert the contents of your into a valid announcements.yml document. If you have made no changes to, you can skip this step - announcements.yml will be automatically generated for you.


Use this tool to convert the spawnpoint- and container-labels in your config-file into valid labels that Setup Mode will recognize.


  • Added new per-arena setting 'start-delay-timer': This timer starts when the first player joins the lobby of an arena, and the arena will not be able to start until the timer runs out. This is useful if you want to give players a bigger time window for joining (one player can't join and rush to the iron block until other players have had a chance to join). The timer works with or without the 'auto-start-timer' - if both are used, the 'start-delay-timer' will start the 'auto-start-timer' when it runs out, so it is possible to both force start an arena and still have a large time window for joining.
  • Added new per-arena setting 'show-death-messages': If false, vanilla death messages will not be displayed when players die in MobArena. Defaults to true.
  • Added new per-class option 'price': Using the standard economy syntax ($<amount>), classes can now have an associated price that will be paid on arena start. Two new announcement-file entries ('lobby-class-price' and 'lobby-class-too-expensive') have been added as well.
  • Added new command 'setclassprice <class> $<price>' that allows setting the price of a class from the console or in-game.
  • Added new command 'pickclass <class>' (or just 'class <class>' for short) to pick a class by command while in the lobby. This could be used to allow players to select classes through e.g. command-blocks or using command-activation mechanisms from other plugins. It uses the same semantics as the class signs with the only exception that class chests are only supported if they have been linked with the 'classchest' command. A new permission node 'mobarena.use.class' has been added as well - this permission defaults to true like all the other usage permissions.
  • Added missing permission node for the notready command, which should now be available to everyone by default.
  • Fixed the per-arena 'protect' setting. When set to false, block events now correctly bypass MobArena's protection logic, allowing an arena to be protected solely by other means, e.g. WorldGuard.
  • Fixed arena container restoration, such that they now properly restore items with lore. Arena containers now support all items supported by Bukkit (uses same approach as class chests).
  • Fixed the version checker so it now correctly checks all parts of the version strings. Dev builds should no longer claim that an update is available if this is not the case.
  • Fixed an issue with the checkdata command that would cause it to error out without an argument.
  • Fixed an error thrown by the wave parser on waves requiring, but missing, the 'monsters' node.
  • Fixed an error thrown by the wave parser on upgrade waves with an empty or missing 'upgrades' node.
  • Fixed optional per-wave 'spawnpoints'-node not working correctly since the setup revamp. The value must now be a semicolon-separated list of coords that match the given spawnpoint name. The config-converter tool has also been updated (v1.1) to correctly update these nodes as well.
  • Fixed a bug where bosses in recurrent boss waves would only use abilities the first time they spawned.
  • Fixed an issue where decimal values were stored with system-specific formatting locale, causing some coords in the config-file to be formatted incorrectly. Bugs manifested primarily as players being teleported to wrong locations (usually at y-coordinate 5).
  • Fixed an issue with boss abilities where they would affect players who had already died/left the arena. The bug was due to the targetting code not getting fired when expected. MobArena now makes sure that targets of any monster are only those in the arena.
  • Fixed the block destruction issue with Obsidian Bomb. This boss ability will no longer leave holes in arenas due to half-blocks or other semi-obstructive blocks like water. MobArena will try to find a block above the current block if it is not empty, but in case there are no available air blocks within 3 blocks of the original block, the ability will fail - use this as motivation to "hide" from this ability in e.g. waterfalls.
  • Arrows and other entities such as experience orbs and dropped items are now all correctly removed at arena end.


  • Updated version checker to comply with the Bukkit requirements. This is a pro forma update with no functional changes.


  • Fixed a (new) bug with entry-fees. MobArena no longer errors out when a monetary entry-fee is used.


  • Revamped the setup process! The setup process of typing in a bunch of hard-to-remember commands has been replaced by Setup Mode, which is invoked by typing '/ma setup <arena>'. Setup Mode gives you a special set of tools that, when used, will set the regions, warps and points of the arena. The Wiki has been updated to reflect the changes.
  • Revamped announcements! Announcements can now be found in the announcements.yml file, rather than The switch to YAML makes it much easier to auto-generate and auto-delete missing or obsolete announcement nodes. The new announcements setup supports color codes using the &-symbol!
  • Added mounts for classes! Place a haybale in the player inventory to give them a horse mount. To configure the horse variant and to add barding, use this tool to calculate the correct item stack amount.
  • Added new global announcements for arena end, and when the first player joins an arena. Both announcements are optional and can be activated by setting the per-arena settings 'global-end-announce' and 'global-join-announce' to true. The announcements are customizable in the announcement.yml file using the keys arena-end-global and arena-join-global.
  • Added new per-arena setting 'isolated-chat'. If true, all chat messages sent by arena players will be seen only by other arena players in the same arena. This is useful if the arena players chat a lot, and the rest of the players on the server consider it spamming. Arena players will still be able to see chat messages from other players, however.
  • Added new arena warp 'exit'. The warp is optional. If the warp is set for an arena, players will be teleported to the warp when they leave the arena. This is useful for region-based join-triggering and other situations that require or benefit from a known exit location. The warp can be set using the /ma setwarp exit command, just like with the arena, lobby and spectator warps. Note that this warp does not have to be in the arena world.
  • Added per-class lobby permissions. These permissions will be given to players as soon as they pick a class. This is useful if using a special kind of lobby setup where certain permissions are required to e.g. purchase customizable items. Following the exact same permissions syntax as the normal class permissions, the lobby permissions can be set using the "lobby-permissions" node.
  • Added support for minor economy values in entry fees and rewards. This means it is now possible to e.g. add rewards of $0.50 or $3.14 instead of just whole numbers like $1 and $3.
  • Re-added optional per-class setting 'unbreakable-weapons'. If true, any player of the given class will have any held weapon auto-repaired whenever they deal damage. Defaults to true if not present.
  • Added optional per-class setting 'unbreakable-armor'. If true, any player of the given class will have their armor slot items auto-repaired whenever they are damaged. Defaults to true if not present.
  • Added missing monster type: babyzombievillager/babyzombievillagers. The Wiki has been updated.
  • Added new command '/ma classchest <class>'. Using this command, it is now possible to link a chest to a class directly instead of having to place the chest in a pillar under the class sign. A class can have at most one chest linked, but the chest can be located in any world. This change does not affect current class chest setups.
  • Added new command '/ma showlobbyregion (<arena>)'. This command works exactly like the showregion command, but shows, as you might expect, the lobby region frame instead of the arena region frame.
  • Added new command '/ma setting <arena> <setting> <value>'. This command can be used to change arena settings, instead of having to edit the config-file! Upon changing a setting, the arena will be reloaded (and force-ended).
  • Added support for separate-world leaderboards. This means it is now possible to collect all leaderboards in the same world, even if arenas exist in different worlds. No additional setup is required to get this to work; simply create the leaderboards in a different world.
  • Added support for odd filenames, i.e. it is now okay if you rename your MobArena.jar to something else, even though there is no justified motivation to do so. Just because you can doesn't mean you should.
  • Changed the way coords are stored in the config-file from integers to floating point numbers (with two decimal places) for coordinates x,y,z. This allows for higher precision with spawnpoints and warps set after this update. Coords set after this update will also include a world-"coordinate" (this is why the linked class chests, exit warps and leaderboards can be in any world).
  • (API) Exposed the Commands interface. This means it is now possible to register custom commands in MobArena, or even replace pre-existing commands with new implementations! This could be useful if you want to try to implement e.g. a queue-system or a cooldown for the join command, but also if you want to extend MobArena with new commands.
  • (API) Exposed the maximum and minimum player counts for Arena objects; useful for e.g. "status signs".
  • (API) Added ArenaKillEvent. This event is called whenever a player kills an entity in the arena (monsters, players, or bosses). This event could be useful for kill counters or kill reward systems.
  • (API) Added ArenaCompleteEvent. This event is called when an arena ends due to players reaching and finishing the final wave of an arena. The event contains a set of survivors. This could be useful for rewards systems that want to reward finishing an arena.
  • (API) Added method wasLastPlayerStanding() to ArenaPlayerDeathEvent. This method returns true, if the dying player was the last living player in the arena. This could be useful for rewards systems or "survivor" ranking systems.
  • Fixed all issues in the arena setup process. This means no more incorrect "must be inside region" messages, no more missing items from classes when punching signs, and no more overwriting of config-files.
  • Fixed an item exploit with the spectate command.
  • Fixed all item glitching issues using inventory craft slots and holding items on the cursor. Suck it, glitchers!
  • Fixed some multiworld inventory issues.
  • Fixed (harmless) exceptions thrown on shutdown.
  • Fixed flint and steel not working in the arena region in edit mode.
  • Fixed an issue with sign interaction being cancelled in the lobby.
  • Fixed a bug with the expandlobbyregion command.
  • Fixed a bug where lobby players and spectators could take damage.
  • Fixed a bug where fireballs and explosions would set blocks on fire.
  • Removed Spout features (i.e. class selection, it was broken anyway).

Make sure to check out the FAQ site before asking questions or posting bug reports.

If you have any questions not answered in the FAQ, make sure to hop on IRC. Remember that IRC is "idle chat" (sort of like Steam chat, Skype, etc.), so be patient; we don't stalk the channel 24/7.

As always, make a backup of your world(s) and your MobArena files before installing the new version, just in case.

  • There is a bug with container contents not restoring correctly when shift-clicking them out of the container. This is due to an inconsistency in Bukkit/Minecraft where the item amount is reduced to 0, but the item is not actually removed. Read here for an explanation and use this dev build if you need an immediate solution to this. This bug will be fixed in v0.96.4, stay tuned :)
  • There is a "bug" with the spawnpoints/containers tool in Setup Mode, where it looks like a spawnpoint or container point is added more than once sometimes (e.g. when placing it on glass). It is most likely a bug within Bukkit/Minecraft, where the PlayerInteractEvent is fired more often than it should.

Keep the bug reports coming on IRC, please :)