MobArena v0.94.2


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    Sep 13, 2011
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1060


  • Redstone circuits now work properly in arenas.
  • Lightning now properly strikes on spawnpoints on special waves.
  • Fixed an issue where players somehow warping/cheating out of the arena world get kicked from the server when discovered.
  • Added MagicSpells support. Use the magicspells.yml file to ban certain spells from the arena either for the whole session, or only during boss waves.
  • Fixed the Heroes death conflict. MobArena and Heroes should now play nice together. Further Heroes support is planned for upcoming releases.
  • MobArena will no longer support the discontinued Permissions 2.x and 3.x permission systems. Recommended permissions systems include PermissionsBukkit (defacto standard) or PermissionsEX.
  • Redstone, doors, and torches will sometimes drop as items on explosions. Using repair-delay: 0 dodges this.