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    May 2, 2018
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.12
  • 1.11


Note: This build is for 1.11+

7 years of MobArena

The month of May marks another anniversary for MobArena - the project is now 7 years old!

I'd like to just take a moment to thank everyone who's still around after all these years, as well as everyone who's jumped on board along the way. MobArena started as a teeny tiny project that I wasn't even planning on releasing, because "who would want to use this aside from me?", and look at how far we've come since that first commit, all thanks to the continued support from the community!

Activity on the project has gone up and down over the years, and we have had really long periods of inactivity, but - at least on my part - always due to a lack of time, not a lack of interest. Recently, we've seen a surge of interest in the project, both on Spigot and on github, and the added attention is a sign of increased potential. I still have grand visions for MobArena (a fight-by-fight recreation of the Icecrown Citadel from World of Warcraft being the grandest), and I'm sure the community has some as well. I think that with more people to carry some of the weight and getting involved in the project (not just programming, but also documentation, testing, troubleshooting, and just general feedback to help focus all of our efforts), those visions are much more likely to be fulfilled.

In an effort to increase the overall quality of the project as a whole - not just the code base - all documentation is slowly but steadily being ported to read the docs, and the project now has explicit contribution guidelines to help people get started. We've also set up a Discord server that everyone is welcome to join and talk about anything MobArena.

Thanks again, everyone! Here's to another 7 years!


  • MobArena now requires Java 8.
  • The long-standing per-world inventory bug, by which players sometimes lose their inventories, has finally been fixed with a full rewrite of the join/leave process. It was discovered, however, that for the plugin PerWorldInventory, gamemode-specific inventories MUST be disabled. If not, PerWorldInventory will restore the gamemode-specific inventory after MobArena has already tried to take a backup of the existing inventory, and as a result, it will wipe it when the player leaves.
  • Another long-standing bug, the /back command exploit, has also finally been fixed. It is no longer possible to use the /back command to get back into the arena after dying (unless the player is op or has the mobarena.admin.teleport permission).
  • Class items and armor now support the Things API. This means that other plugins can now register simple parser interfaces to provide armor and items (which can be arbitrary things) to MobArena classes. One such plugin is Magic by Nathanwolf. Try it out!
  • Item display names are now supported in reward strings, so custom items or named items will be displayed with the custom name if one is set.
  • A hardcoded boss kill message has been split into two new announcments in the announcements-file, wave-boss-killed and wave-boss-reward-earned.
  • Boss rewards are now granted again. This bug slipped through the cracks during the Things API rewrite.
  • TNT placed from the off-hand now correctly depletes.
  • The "My Items" class is now a little restricted to prevent some exploiting: ender pearls, ender chests, shulker boxes, and shulker shells are filtered out of the inventory within the arena (but the items are safely backed up with the rest of the player's items).
  • A bug where using the /give command would hang the server and throw an error has been fixed.
  • Arena names are now case insensitive in commands, meaning if your arena is called 'FirePit', you can type '/ma j firepit' (or even '/ma j FiRePiT') to join it.
  • An error thrown when trying to restore scoreboards for disconnecting players has been fixed.
  • Reloading config-files with the /ma config reload command is now MUCH faster (from over 10 seconds to under 100 milliseconds on some setups).
  • The Things API has seen quite a few improvements. It is now possible for other plugins to register custom item parsers for use in the built-in item parser, making it even simpler to integrate with classes and rewards.

Thanks to

  • jwflory for porting and cleaning up documentation
  • ctmartin for help with wrangling the build-up of github issues
  • NathanWolf for help with improvements to the Things API
  • Pugabyte for performance and permissions testing
  • Nesseley, Sikatsu, and ScuroK for testing the inventory bug fix
  • Swatacular for help with testing bug fixes
  • Haileykins for contributions to the code base