MobArena v0.97.4


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    Dec 29, 2016
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.11



  • Armor should now correctly auto-equip again.
  • Added support for off-hand items in class chests (fifth last slot) and the config-file ('offhand' node in the class definition).
  • Shulker bullets are now cleaned up along with other entities in the cleanup pass at arena end.
  • Fixed an issue where barding on non-horse mounts would throw an error. Only normal horses can have barding, so the rest have to be naked.

Thanks to slipcor for QA!




  • Skeletons (and strays) no longer punch you with their bows, but shoot arrows with them as they're supposed to.
  • Pets no longer follow you into the arena when you join.
  • Fixed an issue where Setup Mode would print the same message twice.
  • Fixed an issue where using require-empty-inv-join: true would result in a server error preventing players from joining the arena.

Again, thanks to slipcor for all his contributions!




  • Updated to Spigot 1.11.
  • Fixed an issue with certain mob types causing an exception (e.g. wither skeletons) since the recent updates.

A massive thanks to slipcor for being my hands in this update!




  • Add support for elder guardians. Because elder guardians fit under the same entity type as normal guardians, they need their own "special case", similar to wither skeletons, baby zombies, etc.




  • MobArena goes Spigot. MobArena is now built against Spigot's fork of the Bukkit API, and is thus compatible with both Spigot's fork of Craftbukkit and Spigot itself. This specific version is built against 1.8.7, but should work on all builds from 1.8.4 and up.
  • MobArena now requires Java 7! The monster type update (see next bullet) uses a feature of Java 7 that would be very tedious to implement in Java 6. According to MCStats data, the majority of servers with MobArena run Java 7, with a large minor portion running Java 8. No servers run Java 6, so this should affect no one.
  • Added support for all monster types. As long as the monster type exists in the EntityType enum, it can be used in MobArena, but do note that this also includes non-mobs like Ender Pearls and Spider Eyes (don't try to use them - they won't work). Use the names found in the EntityType enum here. Previous names still work as they used to.
  • Fixed the Spigot block explosion bug. Exploding Sheep, Obsidian Bombs, and various other explosions no longer damage the arena regions.
  • Fixed incompatibilities with plugins that replace Player references with incomplete proxies, including CommandSigns. That is, CommandSigns can now be used to create join signs for MobArena.
  • Root Target (boss ability) now locks players to the nearest non-air block below them, meaning players will no longer be rooted mid-air. This should alleviate some problems with anti-cheat plugins thinking MobArena players are flying/cheating while rooted.



If you have any questions not answered in the FAQ, make sure to hop on IRC. Remember that IRC is "idle chat" (sort of like Steam chat, Skype, etc.), so be patient; we don't stalk the channel 24/7.


As always, make a backup of your world(s) and your MobArena files before installing the new version, just in case.