It is your dream to scare your players with a green hairy grenade? Or maybe 10?
Then this plugin is for you! With one simple command you can spawn any mob behind your enemy. With another single command you can spawn your mob(s) behind every player on the server! And all this is with infinite amount of course! The only limit is your server hardware.


  • Spawn ANY mob behind a player
  • All-Command: Spawn mobs behind every online player at the same time
  • Spawn as much mobs as you want
  • Permissions support (Not required)
  • The plugin checks the blocks around the target player, you can define the minimum and the maximum distance between player and mob
  • Nothing is case-sensitive
  • Reload-command


  • /ambush (mob) (player) (amount) - Spawns the given mob(s) behind the player
  • /ambush (mob) all (amount) - Spawns the mob(s) behind ever player.
  • /ambush reload - Reloads the config.


  • mobambush.spawn - Allows you to spawn a mob behind a single player
  • mobambush.all - Allows you to spawn a mob behind every player at the same time
  • - No mobs can be spawned at players with this permission (Make sure, that you disable this, if you are admin and got the '*' permission)

Available mob names can be found here.



Looking for developers to take over this project

As you can read in the title, I am looking for somebody who can take over this project. I don't have enough time to provide a nice support and have changed my priorities to other projects. If you are a programmer you can download the source code (It's in the jar) and modify it as you want. If you want to officially take over this project and guarantee a good support, pm me.
Thanks to all of you for the great feedback and ideas! I will never forget Bukkit =)


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