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tl;dr, MobAge gets rid of inactive mobs and animals, via a nifty Bukkit method... With options!


A summary

Have you been wanting to limit the number of mobs on your server? Have you been doing just that, but found that they all spread out and never despawn? Or maybe you just need mobs to spawn close to each player, and not just every where possible?
Well I hate selling my plugin like that, but MobAge is your plugin! :D
So anyways, MobAge is a plugin that is designed to remove stray mobs that are impossibru find. The plugin adds 'age' to each animal and monster on the server. If a mob is not interacted with, it gets 'older' and older until it de-spawns. The plugin also will limit the number of mobs you want on the server, allowing you to use mobs in a different way for RPG and Adventure servers.


  • Mobs only spawn within a configurable radius around one of any online players.
  • MobAge checks for old mobs every 10 server ticks by default (configurable)
  • ↑ Players, tamed mobs, and EnderDragons are exempt from this. They won't despawn.
  • The age limit is defined in the config by server ticks
  • A Mob's age can be reset if:
    • A player makes any movement within their chunk
    • The mob takes any damage
    • The mob is targeted, or targets something
    • The mob becomes tamed
    • The mob interacts with something
      As soon as their age is reset though, it starts adding up again.

How to use:

  • /mobage - view help
  • Permissions:
    • mobage.*
    • mobage.reload
    • mobage.config

If you're having trouble testing this, or it seems like it isn't working turn the Debug option on in the config! TIME FORMAT IS IN TICKS. 20 ticks= 1 second

How the config for MobAge works:

"Age check delay": This is how often the plugin should check for 'old' mobs to kill. 
      Be cautious with this. Small changes...
"Age limit": This is limit of age (in ticks) that a mob can have. 
      Remember that their age is reset via a number of ways
"Mob limit": How many mobs are allowed. 0 means no limit
"Active radius": This is the radius (in blocks) around each player that is considered "inhabited".


- Development build
- Download page
- Original Request


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